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Written by Jenna Galley

2 July 2020

Gen Alpha are being born into a world of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning and big data. Add to that new family dynamics, a global climate crisis, a rapidly changing workforce and a pandemic that halted normal life as they knew it.

Arket Kids 

Despite being the youngest generation, their ultra-digital nature and social, cultural and environmental awareness positions them as highly influential decision makers within the household. Understanding who they are and what they want is key to commercial success.

“The global pandemic and more recently the Black Lives Matter movement has magnified the inequality and lack of representation towards minority groups. Gen Alpha are taking note, following in the footsteps of their Gen Z counterparts to amplify and exercise their existing global mindset and activist behaviours.” Jenna Galley, Trend Bible Insight Editor

During the pandemic we have seen a significant rise in screen time and media consumption across all age groups. Understanding that children want more sophisticated content that is representative of who they are, their lives and their interests is critical to gain and maintain their attention. If Gen Alpha don’t feel represented, they’ll simply move on.

In the face of global disruption and radical change comes vast opportunity to innovate and respond to the needs of your consumers. Understanding the way Gen Alpha think, feel and behave has never been so important. Our Introducing Gen Alpha report – exclusive to members of our Edit subscription – will help you find your place in their world, identifying key opportunities for businesses and brands.

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Overall a great day which involved getting everyone's thoughts, ideas and reservations down on paper. I am looking forward to seeing how this information will be overlaid with the vital trend insights we need to drive new product development and long-term business growth.

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