Baby & Kids Trends Autumn Winter 2022/23: Season Preview


This Autumn Winter season, children are not afraid to rip up the history books, write their own story, make their own world, whether that’s from a values perspective, or through creating their own digital worlds. Following the shock and surprise of the pandemic, there is a focus on survival and building resilience in children, developing core skills to help them cope, no matter what life throws at them. 

Published back in 2020, we share a preview of the season featuring one of four Baby & Kids trends from our Autumn Winter 2022/23 forecast; Future Origins. Access the full Autumn Winter Baby & Kids trends season preview report when you subscribe to our free trend subscription service, My TrendBible.

Future Origins

Following what has become known as the global awakening of 2020 and the rallying support for the Black Lives Matter movement, families around the world are looking to the past to rewrite their future. This progressive and expressive story is a true celebration of optimistic youth, embodying their infectious positivity, diverse representations and hopeful outlook.

Alongside their parents and peers, little movers and shakers are using their voices to positively impact social change, calling out racial and gender bias and deconstructing outdated norms. These families increasingly expect the brands and businesses they interact with to do the same. In response, those working across the Baby & Kids’ industry are being urged to work harder to align with an increasingly diverse and progressive society. Those who fail to readdress the balance risk being perceived as outdated or obsolete.

autumn winter 2022/23

Optimistic Youth

An exploration of identity and of our shared history sees a bright new generation of youth flipping fear into joyful activism. Driven by a desire to rediscover roots and celebrate heritage, little ones rewrite the history books and paint the city with colour and positivity for the future.

The joy of movement, dance and rollerskating all serve as an outlet for creative expression and freedom. Taking inspiration from the rich tapestry of their multi-cultural heritage, young friends of all ethnicities come together to play, dance and skate. Personal style and hairstyles of all shapes, colours and textures are celebrated. Hairstyles inspire illustration while braiding details inspire textiles and woven accessories

It’s Saturday at the city skate rink, a vibrant display of colour, pattern and movement. Kids show off their bold outfits and cool skate moves to funky tunes or sit and watch others whizz by while braiding and plaiting their friend’s hair. It’s a collaborative, supportive and joyful environment where individuality is embraced.

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