Festive Forecast 2021

“Over the last few months, the world has been thrown a curveball, resulting in chaos and uncertainty. Global crises like coronavirus (COVID-19) can crop up at any time and completely change how people think and behaveinturn such an event could throw our consumer insight and research into chaosWhile our festive forecast panel and research took place ahead of the confirmation of this global pandemic, we have spent the last two weeks re-assessing the relevance of each of our festive trends in light of the current climate. We are confident the trends we have forecast, with some small amends, remain robust. If you’d like to know more about our methodology please keep an eye on our blog where our experts will be sharing how we manage chaotics and calculables when forecasting trends.” Joanna Feeley, CEO and Founder, Trend Bible 

Overview of our 2021 trend forecast 

For 2021, the festive season sees families embrace the comfort and belonging that the home symbolises, therefore it becomes the hub for both relaxed and indulgent entertainment. Here we see styles and times collide, becoming one, transporting families to surreal and fantastical lands; reigniting the wonder and joy of the festive period. From the digital and the natural to the minimal and the maximal, a balance and harmony is reached. This manifests in design through purposeful and considered pieces, which are elevated with whimsical and mythical elements. 

Our ‘Festive Forecast 2021’ eBook is available to buy from our online shop. Covering celebration, gift, greetings, tableware, decoration and food & beverage, the interactive eBook will be a key consumer insight resource for any brands developing their 2021 Christmas/Holiday season collections. 

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