Home & Interiors Trend Digest: Spring Summer 2023

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This season’s trends are all about an optimistic, forward-looking approach to creating desirable atmospheres at home.

Awareness for the correlation of emotional, physical, mental and environmental health and healing continues; be it through interiors fostering intimate relationships or movements to democratise nature. Brands need to strike the balance between offering self-soothing and ‘calmtainment’ options as well as solutions for those drawn to multisensory, invigorating ambiences.

Published back in 2021, we share a Home & Interiors trend digest featuring one of four trends from our Spring Summer 2023 forecast; Age of Sensitivity. Access the full Spring Summer Home & Interiors trend digest report when you subscribe to our free trend subscription service, My TrendBible.

Age of Sensitivity

This trend sees homemakers seek lightness and healing during an extended period of uncertainty. There is a newfound sense of preciousness from awareness of their vulnerability, coupled with a want to showcase their fully authentic selves to the world.

A quest for healing sees more people carve out time for introspection through guided journaling practices and the cathartic act of letter writing. Meanwhile, with intimacy central to this story, a thoroughly human-centred approach to design emerges; where furniture and product design are optimised to bring us together and nurture relationships.

©Trend Bible Ltd 2021

Preserve and protect

Create reassuring environments where people can truly feel safe and understood. Interiors foster a new gentleness, harnessing calming aesthetics, therapeutic colour and soothing textures. Human-centred design promotes companionship, preservation of treasured memories and time to heal; out of troubles and pain emerge the strongest souls.

The home is a place for nurturing intimate relationships, as products and furniture enhance the way families and cohabitants relate to one another and their guests. Tête-à-tête seating configurations support deep and meaningful conversations. Meanwhile, novelty items like double spouted teapots, cherish togetherness even in the most mundane activities. 

Dear Writer, Joe Mortell, The Note Library

Householders seek places they feel at ease in, unwind their minds and let thoughts flow. Escaping to quiet cosy nooks in the home, they take time for journaling and letter writing. With time to reflect and a carefully bound book, they have everything they need to write their personal history. The ribbon of ink across the page brings pleasure while sharing and processing emotions in writing. 

Chalky pastel shades

Gentle combinations of sophisticated pastels are perfect for delicate layering of colour and support the soothing effect of this poetic story. This colour palette naturally lends itself to tonal gradients and elegant compositions. Mild warm-cold contrasts add interest and nod to the holistic, balanced aesthetic of this story.

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