Interior Design Trends for Reconnection

The consumer demand for reconnection grows as we enter into what’s been coined the “inter pandemic phase”, although the impact of Covid-19 is far from over, we look at interior design trends themes and concepts to aid intimacy within spaces and environments. 

Finding the balance between spaces that feel safe and allow for self-reflection and ‘me time’ yet welcome social interaction and aid playfulness, is an evolving challenge.

In our ‘Designing for Reconnection’ report available in our Premium membership to Your TrendBible, we look at aspects of play and exploration, the influence of shape and form on our ability to feel secure, creativity and communication through craftsmanship and shine a spotlight on interior design trends and details that will aid an emotional sense of transparency and openness. Here we share an extract from this Home & Interiors macro report.

Post Lockdown Loneliness

Reports of loneliness are at a record high- around 7.2% (3.7million adults) in the UK said they ‘often’ or ‘always’ felt lonely according to the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey. As we enter the inter or post-pandemic phase, there is an appetite for social interaction, teamed with optimism and exploration but also some anxiety. Uncovering design factors which will support and encourage consumers to make meaningful connections and re-socialise again is essential.

Muuto x Note Design Studio, Mas Creations

There is an underlying feeling of imminent change and a growing need for escapism amongst consumer mindsets. 

We’re tracking how the emergence of the Metaverse can and will push the boundaries of social connection and ownership, as part of this the virtual world is now established as a place to work, play, trade, socialise and explore – creating a demand IRL for something equally as engaging. The retail landscape has already shifted at a vast pace over the last two years in a bid to survive, leaving the traditional high street needing a big injection of playfulness to remain a consumer destination. Brands will be required to entertain and immerse consumers in order to connect with them.

Find out how this translates into more interior design trends and product direction for a new era in which consumers re-establish connections and relationships in our ‘Designing for Reconnection report’, available to download when you subscribe to our Premium membership at Your TrendBible. Your TrendBible is our trend subscription service designed to inspire and spark ideas, give your teams confidence in actioning trends and provide validation from across the globe.



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