Key Flooring Trends for 2023

Flooring trends 2023

Focusing on our trend forecast for Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2023, we outline three key flooring trends which brands should be paying attention to over the coming 12 months.


Awareness for the correlation of emotional, physical, mental and environmental health and healing continues in a post-pandemic world; be it through interiors fostering intimate relationships or movements to democratise nature. Brands need to strike the balance between offering self-soothing and ‘calmtainment’ options as well as solutions for those drawn to multisensory, mood boosting ambiances.

High Energy Pigments

High energy pigments - flooring
Elisa Passino, Sailor and Scout Home

In our Spring Summer 2023 trend forecast, Superbloom; new life is brought to terracotta tiles and stencilled floors with vibrant and warm pigments in arc and curved shapes. The sparse patterning makes the overall atmosphere energising instead of overpowering. Italian Designer, Elisa Passino’s collection of glazed tiles incorporates bold colour, clean lines and geometric patterns, bringing fresh colour-ways and contemporary patterns to surface design. Sailor and Scout Home have created a hand-stencilled floor for Resene paints. Their choice of design and warm terracotta shades update more traditional stencilling.

Soft and Fluid Woodgrains

Anastasiya Korpaleva

For Spring Summer 2023, spaces that provide rest, refuge and rejuvenation will be important. As a result, soft, fluid woodgrains with loose knots, such as Douglas Fir, are coming to the fore of flooring trends. Their gentle aesthetic help to cut out visual noise and guide the eye around a room, creating the perfect ambience for consumers to unwind. Interior designer, Anastasiya Korpaleva has captured this mood in both her NEVA NEVA and SOVET 10 apartment projects, with her clever use of pale wood tones, soft layering and soothing textures in tonal colour schemes.

Waste Composites

Waste composite flooring
Five Mile Radiu, Oddmatter x Supernovas

Forecast in our Spring Summer 2023 trend, Future Eden; designers who are transforming waste into new surface materials are a key influence for the future of flooring trends. The irregularity of the colour and pattern in these new waste composites provide not only strong visual interest, but comfort in knowing that no damage is being made to the planet. Designer, Five Mile Radius, creates innovative surfaces for brands, community organisers and developers who are looking to reduce their impact on local environments. Their collection is made entirely from construction waste. Design studio, Odd Matter, have also created a collection that gives waste an afterlife and ensures the recyclability of the products at the end of their cycle, made from recycled plastic waste streams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Circular design and ‘wasteless’ lifestyles will be crucial in the coming years. To stay relevant, think about how your products can reduce waste, be reused and regenerative.
  • Interiors are fostering a new gentleness, where people feel safe and at ease. Consider calming aesthetics, therapeutic colour and soothing textures.
  • As householders crave joyful and mood-boosting interiors, optimistic colour and energetic design becomes highly desirable. Don’t be afraid to inject vibrant shades and contemporary geometric patterns into your product ranges.

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