Life at TrendBible: Lisa Cooney, Head of Client Success

Our Life at TrendBible series spotlights our team behind the scenes in their day to day. 

We speak to Lisa Cooney, our Head of Client Success, about her life in and outside of work and how trend forecasting can help businesses achieve success.

Meet Lisa

I live in Sunderland in the North East of the UK, and work hybrid. My husband and I have a dog and a cat who keep us both entertained. I am a massive fan of getting outdoors as much as possible, my mental health thanks me for it. I’m able to problem-solve much better when I’m walking my dog Stella. I also really enjoy cooking; my husband loves my food but maybe he is a little biased. 

In my role at TrendBible, my aim is to always be a ‘partner’ to our clients. I work closely with them asking the right questions to provoke debate about how to arrive at a solution. Working at TrendBible there’s no such thing as a typical day and that’s why I love it so much. We have such an eclectic team with a variety of personalities and work experience, so we never have what we call a ‘normal’ day. We have ambitious future plans for our products and services and how we best serve them to our clients.

“If you’ve never worked with trends before, don’t fear them.”

I often work with brands and retailers who are new to trend forecasting and initially unsure of how trends can positively impact their business. Future consumer insight for any business is massively important to remain relevant with their customer. It allows them to produce commercially viable products and services that go to market at the right time and stay ahead of their competitors. It may sound like a sales pitch but if a brand invests in trends, they can truly achieve their goals.


“Preserve and conserve is a key trend for brand strategy, products and services.”

The increase in cost of living on the householder economy and the climate crisis is affecting everyone. We are seeing a trend in consumers making do with what they have with less waste. Householders are making and mending in their homes and thinking about how they can reuse and upgrade furniture. This is key consumer behaviour that we are seeing more and more. How businesses respond to this behaviour will be vital to their success.

“There is no better feeling than seeing our clients happy and their business thriving with the positive impact of what TrendBible has supported them with.”

No two brands or retailers are the same.  We work closely to understand their unique brand and positioning in the marketplace. By doing this, it means we give impactful guidance on how to work more effectively and how to activate the trends we provide.

For a closer look behind the scenes at Lisa’s typical day at TrendBible as Head of Client Success, visit her reel over on our Instagram page. You can also find out more about our Trend Consultancy Services and Insight Solutions here.

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