Meet the Modern Caregivers

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Individuals around the world are rallying together to rewrite the rules of family life, reject ‘normal’ and do things their way. This powerful and optimistic shift is dramatically changing the state of modern caregivers. Parents, grandparents, Godparents and more are ditching traditional attitudes and outdated stereotypes for an acknowledgment of choice, individuality and creative freedom, and brands are urged to take note.

Our Modern Caregivers series, available to our Professional and Premium subscribers of Your TrendBible, explores evolving family dynamics and the changing representations of all the influential people in a child’s life. This four-part series takes a deep dive into the new faces of caregiving, unlocking innovative ideas, commercial opportunities and actionable recommendations from our team of global experts. If you’re a brand wanting to champion modern family life, this series is not to be missed.

Included in the Modern Caregivers series:

The Digital Boomers

From Instafamous fashion influencers, Twitch streaming gamers, to the fastest-growing cohort of online shoppers, Boomers (currently 57-75 years old) are harnessing technology like never before. This, alongside a rise in life expectancy, vastly improved health and a drive to debunk out-of-touch depictions spurred on by the #OkBoomer movement, is showing that modern grandparents are a force to be reckoned with. Despite this, Boomers still remain the most undermarketed-to generation and whilst holding strong spending power, they’re often overlooked by brands and society. Here we explore the untapped opportunities this is opening for brands within the Baby & Kids industry.

Next-gen Parenting

Move over Millennial parents, it’s time to talk Gen Z. From their rejection of tradition to their war against climate change and social and racial injustice, this resilient cohort are rewriting the rules, and changing the state of parenting is next on their agenda. With some of the oldest of Gen Z already becoming parents and others only years away from doing so, this report takes a deep dive into the distinct parenting styles of Gen Z and what this means for the way they think, shop and behave.


The pandemic has accelerated the presence of fathers at home, fuelling the need for more inclusive depictions of parenthood. In this report, we explore how a new era of modern masculinity is transforming the face of fatherhood.

The 21st Century Village

Despite a gradual decline of religious beliefs and a shift to a more secular society, modern-day parents are still seeking caring ‘guideparent’ roles for their kids. Here we explore the role of secular Godparents and the influence, values and mentorship they offer the next generation of children.

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