Spring Summer 2022 Baby & Kid’s Trend Book

Baby and Kids Trends 2022 | TrendBible

We began this Baby & Kid’s trend forecast before the arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic when the world looked very different indeed. We’ve since revisited every aspect of this forecast, making sure the trend drivers, stories and colours all reflect the kind of world children and their families will be living in by 2022. 

Baby & Kids Trends – The Future is Now

Whilst nobody could have predicted the pandemic or the dramatic effects it has had on our lives, what’s important now is that we understand its longer term impacts on the kind of messages, themes and products shoppers will be drawn towards. We’ve taken care to interrogate parental concerns and childrens’ emotional responses, as well as to ensure any post-COVID impacts are synthesised with other critical issues of the day – such as sustainability, toxicity, equality and representation. 

It’s time to act! Not think! 

Now more than ever, the issues and topics that drive the design and colour trends must be at the very core of every product and every marketing campaign. Any product purchased for (or by) a child will be critiqued under an umbrella of multi-dimensional purchasing decisions; do I absolutely need it? Do I absolutely love it? Is it safe? Is it fair? 

What’s more, the rest of society look to those of us who cater to the baby and children’s industry to see what messages we – as brands, manufacturers and retailers – convey to these educated, politically-articulate children who intend to own their future long before they become adults. 

If you’re not there already, welcome to the future. 

Our trend books are a valuable forecasting tool for those working in the baby and kids industry. Detailing the broader lifestyle context through to colour and design inspiration, this practical trend book for Spring Summer 2022 will guide you through the season; helping you develop commercially successful products and relevant messaging.

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