Spring Summer 2022 Home & Interiors Trend Book

Home and Interior Trends 2022 | Trendbible

For Spring Summer 2022, the social, cultural and emotional drivers of trends in the home will be more important than ever. We began this forecast before the arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic, but we’ve since revisited every aspect of this forecast, making sure the trend drivers, stories and colours all reflect the kind of world we will be living in by 2022. 

Whilst nobody could have predicted the pandemic or the dramatic impact it has had on our lives, what’s important now is that we understand its longer term impacts and try to predict and gain insights, on the kind of messages, themes and products shoppers will be drawn towards. We’ve taken care to interrogate the social, economic and emotional impact of the pandemic, synthesising this with critical issues of the day – such as sustainability, emotional wellbeing and inclusivity. 

Home Interiors Trend Forecasting – The Future of Life at Home 

The home itself now plays a much more important role in daily life. As such, the products with which we furnish our surroundings hold great power. As householders craft new post-pandemic behaviours, the home will need to function in a broader sense, accommodating home working and socialising but also providing a much needed place of safety. With that in mind, relationships and emotional wellbeing form the central theme of all of our trends this season, from our connection to the natural world, to the power of positivity, community and the importance of quiet design. 

If you’re not there already, welcome to the future. 


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