2022 Festive Trend: Holiday Hideaway


This upcoming holiday season, post-pandemic consumers embrace and create new festive occasions that provide opportunities to gather together, to tell people they love them, to draw loved ones close and enjoy special times. Even the seemingly insignificant micro moments in-between the big celebrations really matter, as the realisation dawns that that’s where memories are made.

Published back in 2021, we share a preview of the holiday season featuring a 2022 festive trend from our Festive Forecast; Holiday Hideaway.

Intimate Gatherings

After long periods of separation, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are motivated to reclaim the holiday period as a time of togetherness. A less is more attitude runs parallel with this mindset. Rekindling connections with those closest to us underpins this humble 2022 festive trend. Looking to reduce the fussy elements of seasonal celebrations, consumers embrace simplicity in design, adopting a laid-back approach that is less performative.

Secluded outdoor locations set the scene for this wholesome trend. With many consumers having invested in their outdoor spaces throughout 2020/21, there is an eagerness to make the most of newly decorated balconies, gardens and yards. Food, gifts and decorations that cater to time spent outdoors will play a key role in creating a cosy nature-focused setting.

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Being in Nature

Stripping back the excess stress and performative elements that have become synonymous with the holidays, there is a focus on savouring time with closest friends and family, where phones are put down and ‘switching off’ from the stress of everyday life is celebrated. This story embraces a laid-back, low-effort feel where being together takes precedence over fussy decorations and lots of detailed planning.

Wrap up warm and take the festivities outside, whether it’s to welcome in the autumn or celebrate Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Hearty meals cooked over the fire or BBQ, and imagery that depicts retreating to a cabin in the woods with those nearest and dearest, inspires householders. Stories are recounted and memories are shared, sitting fireside, sipping mulled cider and roasting chestnuts. Lanterns, cosy blankets and simple card games enable long evenings full of laughter and warmth.

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