Baby & Kids Macro Trends 2023

Our Baby & Kids Macro Trends 2023 Report is out now!

Find out what’s driving change in the Baby & Kids industry in 2023 and gain a deep understanding of the key macro trends impacting the way families will think, feel and act.

The future of the next generation

Baby & Kids Macro Trends in 2023 will see a period of extended flux, as climate emergencies continue, awareness of global humanitarian crises increase and the mental health epidemic grows. This leaves many children and caregivers feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Whilst a focus globally turns to the devastation of our natural world, the younger generation refuse to sit back and accept their fate. Fuelled with a hopeful outlook and a resilient spirit, this formidable force rally together to rewrite the narrative and rebuild a better, greener tomorrow.

Rebuild & thrive

With 70% of people believing brands have a responsibility to positively impact the world, brands are encouraged to follow suit and take collective action.

In the face of global disruption, fiercely opposing views and radical change, comes a vast opportunity to innovate and respond to the needs of your consumers. In response, those that align purpose with profit and reassess their role in actively shaping tomorrow’s world will succeed.

What’s included in the Baby & Kids Macro Trend Report?

Four digestible trend drivers: It’s critical to understand where children and their parents’ mindsets are likely to be. Our Trend Drivers provide the foundation for our four 2023 macro trends and provide evidence of what underpins change.

Micro trends:  Each trend driver is explored more in depth and broken down into a series of micro stories providing you with the commercial confidence to support a new product initiative, go after a new demographic or develop a brand extension.

Thought starters: Practical and actionable thought starters designed to kick start and inspire innovation on how to interpret these trends for your brand.

Trend Editor walk-through video: Watch on demand and get deeper insight behind the key Baby & Kids Macro Trends for 2023 in our Trend Editor walk-through video.


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Alternatively, you can buy the Baby & Kids Macro Trends 2023 report for £500 + VAT.

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