Finding the Natural Balance: Designing for Sustainable Living


Increasingly visible global climate changes are driving householders to seek a more harmonious cohabitation with the natural world, its resources, and people.

While the influence of this megatrend will be felt for years to come, for 2024 a specific set of cultural indicators and product innovations are set to drive the look, feel and functionality of products for sustainable living in the home. For those designing seasonal product ranges, how does sustainability look for the season ahead? 

As explored in our Spring Summer 2024 trend, Natural Balance (originally published back in 2022), we’ll see a rising obsession with biomaterials, harnessing the power of nature for design, and an emphasis on doingmore goodrather than less harm. The environments we build pay homage to our natural surroundings and local materials, even in heavily urban areas. 

A modern biophilia continues to drive indoor-outdoor blending, as materials once reserved for outdoors like rammed earth, unglazed terracotta and hempcrete work their way indoors. 

The householder has an appreciation of hand-crafted goods, from papier- mâché and block printing to pigmented clay coloured by minerals, earth, and metal waste streams. Bold, upscaled abstract prints adorn textiles and wall art, depicting the symbiotic connection between humans and nature. 

Natural Balance Moodboard and Colour Palette

Sun Baked Shades 

The colour palette is a collection of dried-out, sun-baked tones and dusty chromatic neutrals. Terracotta neutrals continue to be important and are updated with chalky baked yellow shades this season. 

Naturally Sculptural Forms 

Recreating the feeling of soaking up the sun in an art garden or sculpture park, this story intertwines art, craft, and nature.  

Mixing raw and polished elements adds an earthy tactility to modern homes. Sculptural forms inspired by primitivist art inspire decorative accessories and furniture. Material irregularities and hand-crafted effects are to be embraced.  

Aterra Studio, Charlotte Kidger, Sarah Mijares Fick, Ceramicah Los Angeles

Are you ready for the next shifts in householder attitudes towards sustainable living design aesthetics? 

Our seasonal trend forecasts outline the most timely design trends for sustainable living. Spring Summer 2025 and Autumn Winter 2025/26 are both available now on My TrendBible Premium, with Spring Summer 2026 launching in the coming weeks.

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