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10 September 2019

A steep rise in nostalgic tendencies unites all four trends for Autumn Winter 2019/20. With environmental threats and political unrest in the news, feeling safe and comfortable at home has increased importance. The home becomes a soothing retreat from outside noise. Focusing on rediscovering the joy in awe, wonderment and curiosity, consumers look up to the night sky to lose themselves in the stars in our magical Precious Space trend. Following seasons of minimalistic approaches to design, A Thoughtful Home celebrates cherished and personal objects, creating more heavily decorated spaces.

Here we share 2 of the 4 trends forecast for the season, Precious Space and A Thoughtful Home. Our full Autumn Winter 2019/20 Seasonal Preview featuring all 4 trends is available to download for free from the sidebar. These trends, for the Home & Interiors market, were first forecast and published back in 2017 and you can expect to see them emerge in stores over the coming months.

A Thoughtful Home

The home is a place where objects are either useful or beautiful. There’s a sense of love for every item, with products being repaired over being replaced. Dense micro floral wallpaper adorns the walls and effortlessly blends with more contemporary decoration. White stained wood floors, brass and dark walnut wood are key materials for hard products. There’s a focus on using materials that are beautiful and familiar.

Householders enjoy heavy decoration once again as we move out of a phase of stripped back minimalism and embrace a look that is personal and heartfelt. Embellishment is intricate and handcrafted shown through lino prints, embellished textiles and quirky characters. Teak accessories sit in harmony with this earthy palette.

A soft nature-inspired palette exudes a relaxed and charming mood in the home, creating an environment that slows the pace. Brown shades emerge as important once again after years of absence.

Precious Space

This trend encourages homemakers to create a sacred space for wonderment and daydreaming. There’s a focus on introspection, with intimacy in design allowing us to regain control and find space in the home for personal rediscovery. The home becomes a transformative space, which is indulgent, intimate and spiritual.

Magic is added by playing with light on reflective surfaces through brass and copper detailing and high shine surfaces. Celestial prints and magical atmospheric lighting prompt consumers to marvel at life beyond Earth.

Cosmic colours with an inherent glow shape this celestial palette. Dark backgrounds are highlighted with metallic accents, purple, turquoise, blue and subtle cloudy hues.

Download your free seasonal preview from the sidebar to the right of this post and follow our TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn pages to see how all four Spring Summer 2019 trends emerge in store. Our trend books are seen as an essential tool by some of the world’s best brands and retailers, helping them make sound decisions about how to respond to future change. 

Overall a great day which involved getting everyone's thoughts, ideas and reservations down on paper. I am looking forward to seeing how this information will be overlaid with the vital trend insights we need to drive new product development and long-term business growth.

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