Home & Interiors Design Trends for Spring Summer 2022

Published back in 2020, we share a preview of the season featuring one of four home & interiors design trends from our Spring Summer 2022 forecast; Sensorial Delight. The full Spring Summer season preview report is also available for you to read when you subscribe for free membership to our new trend platform – Your TrendBible.  We’ll also be tracking these Spring Summer Home & Interiors design trends over on Instagram as they emerge worldwide in stores and online over the coming months.

Sensorial Delight is a culturally rich story from our home & interiors design trends for 2022 which indulges the senses and adds a fresh lens to maximalist decorating styles. Balancing historic and contemporary design references, there is an opportunity to build a connection to the craftsmen and makers themselves.

Culture & Craft

A wealth of new influencers, thought-leaders and innovators are emerging from India. As the fastest growing economy today, India is home to a fifth of the world’s youth. With more than half of its population under the age of 25, the vibrancy that this creates for the economy is filtering into both business and design innovation. Young Indian designers and artisans, drawing on inspiration from their rich heritage, are mixing modern techniques with traditional craft, searching for home-grown approaches to their discipline that draws on eastern, rather than western, design principles.

Seeking out more intense stimulation, consumers look to India as a place to indulge in all things sensory. From rich spices, fragrant aromas, intense colour and heavily patterned textiles. Spring Summer home & interior design trends for 2022 will be a chance to celebrate the exoticism of different cultures within the home.

Contemporary Opulence

Tables are full of vibrant sharing plates for large gatherings and living rooms are patterned and adorned for elaborate entertaining. Bedrooms and bathrooms, in contrast, are places of sanctuary and solitude. Plush tactile textures, from quilted bedding to velvet carpets, offer comfort.

For home & interiors design trends for 2022 a palette of knocked back pastel shades, inspired by the faded walls of grand palaces, is shot through with rich jewel tone highlights. Warm apricot shades ground the palette, joined by vibrant pinks, soft mint and bejewelled greens. Dusted blue looks chalky in appearance, whilst amethyst purple adds depth. This is a versatile palette offering both calm harmonious and bold clashing combinations.

Powerful arches frame rooms, whilst elaborate scalloped edging up-specs bedding and sofa designs. Contemporary creations sit alongside antique-inspired accompaniments. Soft geometrics feature across spaces, from ornately tiled flooring to rug designs. Hand-beaten laser cut metallics and detailed quilting shows a new level of richness to explore.

Consent Preferences