Home & Interiors Macro Report 2024

Our Home & Interiors Macro Trends 2024 Report is out now!

Packed with expert opinion, global foresight and thought starters this report is designed to help you and your teams uncover future thinking and kickstart tomorrow’s opportunities.

2024 will see consumers continue to navigate an uncertain path, although better equipped with the knowledge, tools and experience to define how they want to live, beyond merely existing in survival mode. As climate change, global inflation and mass disruption to supply chains will have a direct impact on everyday lives and bank balances, there will be a redefinition of home from ‘nest’ or ‘family hub’. Instead, the home will be a space both on and offline that provides shelter, a place to seek solace, experience curated convenience and safety away from an uncertain world.

Both long and shorter-term home rentals will grow in importance, this is linked to the rise of wayfaring workers and those choosing to work, rest and play outside of the traditional 9-5. This is a direct result of set working hours, days and geographies shifting as well as new digital spaces emerging and the metaverse’s development. Families and individuals will be seeking new approaches and locations for living and weighing up the true ‘cost’ related to this.

This home & interiors macro report will help you and your brand seek out your place in the world of householders in 2024. You’ll find out what’s driving change in the home & interiors industry as well as gain a deep understanding of the key shifts impacting the way householders will think, feel and act. Loaded with expert opinion, global foresight, and thought starters, comes an opportunity to innovate and respond to the needs of your consumers.

What’s included in the Home & Interiors 2023 Macro Trends Report?

Four digestible trend drivers: It’s critical to understand where your future consumer mindsets are likely to be. Our Trend Drivers provide the foundation for our four 2024  home & interior macro trends and provide evidence of what underpins change.

Micro trends:  Each trend driver is explored more in-depth and broken down into a series of micro stories providing you with the commercial confidence to support a new product initiative, go after a new demographic or develop a brand extension.

Thought starters: Practical and actionable thought-starters designed to kick start and inspire innovation on how to interpret these trends for your brand.

Trend Editor walk-through video: Watch on demand and get a deeper insight behind the key Home & Interiors Macro Trends for 2024 in our Trend Editor walk-through video.

Our Home & Interiors Macro Trends 2024 Report is available to download when you subscribe to our Premium membership at Your TrendBible. Your TrendBible is our trend subscription service designed to inspire and spark ideas, give your teams confidence in actioning trends and provide validation from across the globe. 

Alternatively, you can buy the Home & Interiors Macro Trends 2024 report for £500 + VAT.

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