Loud and Proud Festive Trends for 2022

 With householders around the world bracing themselves for an expensive Winter and a frugal year ahead, for Christmas, there’s a rebellious desire to set worries aside and just enjoy the indulgence of the festive season with family and friends. While a frugal mindset might be driving practicality and essentialism in other categories, gifting and celebration continue to be no place for scrimping and saving. Vibrant colour and pattern bring dopamine dressing to the Christmas tree and table as consumers look to liven up their homes and celebrate what brings them happiness. Every gathering is a party with an allclusive come-as-you-are guest list.

Festive trends for 2022 introduce a dose of much-needed positivity to Christmas. As we approach the Holiday season, consumers are already contemplating cost saving measures, with 12% of US consumers pulling back on non-gift items in order to purchase gifts and experiences and 32% considering resale items as gifts (Deloitte). This demonstrates a radical shift in attitudes towards second-hand. Whilst some categories like fashion and food may well see more frugal shopping habits, decor, celebration and gifting industries are likely to prove much more resilient with 45% of consumers saying they are determined to make Christmas 2022 bigger and better than ever (Future PLC).

Originally forecast in 2020, two years on, our researchers have been in store to see how brands and retailers have translated our festive design trend ‘Loud & Proud’ into their product ranges.

Tracking the adoption of our Loud & Proud trend

This trend sees consumers treat the festive season like a blank canvas on which they can create new traditions that bring them real joy. Central to this is the importance of community and inclusivity as diverse groups gather to enjoy lavish celebrations.

What we said: Consumers treat the festive season as a time to create new traditions that bring them real joy. Community and inclusivity are central to these lavish celebrations and gatherings brimming with activity. Funny stories and indulgent gifts are shared between adults and children alike, carrying heartening laughter into every room of the house. Self-expression and tongue-in-cheek humour means home and gifting is a mass of pattern and colour with a more is more aesthetic. Guests never show up empty-handed, dialling up the community spirit, so tables are packed with international dishes, filling the home with rich spices and aromas. Family and friends dig in with joy, piling plates high.

What we saw: Festive trends for 2022 focus on joy-full at-home hosting, as seen at brands such as Talking Tables and Sainsbury’s with colourful candles, bright festive napkins and mood-boosting pattern dishware. Sequins, glitter and tinsel cover the tree at John Lewis and Target as bursts of vibrant colour are brought to every element for this festive trend as consumers look to liven up their homes and celebrate what brings them happiness. All gatherings are a party, with dancing under disco balls and games that are adaptable for all ages, as seen at stores like Typo.

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