Making Metaverse Trends Tangible for Interior Design

Peter Tarka

As explored in our 2024 Macro trend, Meta Discovery, the metaverse’s emergence is creating new and tangible opportunities into a rapidly changing world. A world in which virtual reality is becoming increasing accessible and the appetite for digital expression is growing amongst consumers. 

In this article we explore emerging metaverse trends for home & interior design and what this means for designers and householders.


Within the home, digital innovation and blurring boundaries between the digital and the physical are driving a host of limitless possibilities for designers and householders to reimagine their living spaces and processes; from product conception and colour selection through to room styling and visualising the size / scale of pieces within pre-existing interior schemes.

Recent data from Digital Journal, predicted a +9% growth of the Interior Design Software market by 2028. Our Meta Discovery: AI Interiors report, available on MyTrendBible to Home & Interiors premium subscribers, explores the innovators and ‘ones to watch’ in this field, as well as identifying the exciting opportunities that AI-powered software is creating in the world of home and interiors. Here are a few key takeaways from our report.

Explore showrooms and NFT innovations


New AI software provides innovative opportunities for how the design industry can be advanced with metaverse technology, influencing not only how product is designed, but also how product can be showcased to consumers. Ceramic surfaces brand, Cedit, debuted their latest collection as a ‘virtual museum’. Their ceramic surfaces and materials were digitally displayed as ‘objects found in the future’, situated in dreamlike virtual landscapes. This gives consumers the ability to explore the meta-space and even purchase the Cedit surfaces, digitally represented as NFTs.   

Augmented Design Apps

Interior AI

Launched in late 2022, Interior AI is a new AI-powered image generator. It allows users to upload an image of a space, then generate a new image offering new layouts, new room functions (e.g from a bedroom to a home office) and new design styles, based on one of many preselected ‘styles’; from Minimalist to Biophilic.

Though still in its early stages, Interior AI could become a valuable new tool for interior design ideation or virtual staging, allowing users to visualise inspiration in real time.

For more guidance on metaverse trends our full Meta Discovery: AI Interiors report is available when you subscribe to our Premium membership at Your TrendBible. Your TrendBible is our trend subscription service designed to inspire and spark ideas, give your teams confidence in actioning trends and provide validation from across the globe.

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