Material Direction 2022

Sebastian Cox

Trend Bible’s Material Direction 2022 outlines nine material trends chosen by our foresight experts, based on our seasonal trend forecasts for 2022.

These directional yet commercially viable material trends represent what we believe to be central to life at home. We have split them into three groups; Home & Interiors, Baby & Kid’s Lifestyle and Gift and Greetings, with three key material trends for each.

Home & Interiors Material Direction 2022

As the conversation around the environment shifts to one of crisis, consumers increasingly scrutinise the environmental impact of what they bring into their homes in 2022.

Interiors are brimming with natural textures and materials as new sustainable fibres come to the fore. From mycelium packaging to seaweed sequins, mainstream designers will become literate in the language of biomaterials. This trend concerns itself with crafting new composites from surplus materials that have been foraged in the natural world.


Bio-Based: Mycelium Composites

As householders seek a more grounded pace of life and a deeper connection to the natural world, bio-materials bring the outside in, in our Spring Summer 2022 trend Habitation. Mycelium composites have increasing significance in the home. Take advantage of mycelium’s high shock resistance to protect packaged goods. Or protect foods and beverages against temperature variations by harnessing the composites inherent insulation properties.

Baby & Kids Material Direction 2022

With our world feeling like an unpredictable and confusing place to live, families dream of living in much simpler times in 2022. At the same time, preserving and protecting our natural environment is high on the agenda, particularly for the younger generation.

Material direction is influenced by this mindset. From earthy and organic clays to materials foraged from local woodlands, handcrafted materials instil a connection to the environment that counteracts the pace and complexity of modern life, encouraging little ones to de-tech.

Let Them Party

Handcrafted: Hardwood Branches

Distressed and raw finishes help bring an enchanted forest spirit into the home, in our Autumn Winter 2022/23 trend Wonderment. Whole branches form storage handles, furniture legs and toys helping children to explore nature from indoors. Mix and match woods in various stains to add depth and warmth. Seal hardwood branches with natural finishes such as beeswax or coconut oil retain the look nature intended.

Gift and Greetings Material Direction 2022

In 2022 consumers build a deep connection with themselves, those around them and their natural environment. Nature increasingly becomes intertwined with celebrations and occasions. Looking to avoid the stress of excessive planning and decor, some parties relocate to picturesque outdoor locations. For events that remain indoors, natural materials are key as partygoers bring elements of the outside in.

Materials honour their natural origins by maintaining their biodegradable properties. Designers seek to retain the natural characteristics of raw materials, keeping scent, haptics and optics alive.

My January Baby

Humble Beginnings: Organic Cotton

There isn’t any plastic insight in our 2022 Festive Forecast trend Holiday Hideaway. As throwaway Christmas traditions continue to face backlash. Materials with longevity such as organic cotton are thrust into the spotlight. Replace throw away paper and plastic items with cotton alternatives like these crowns by My January Baby that are made from 100% organic cotton.

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