Mother’s Day Gift Trends: Eternalising Memories

As Mothering Sunday in the UK approaches, we’re tracking Mother’s Day Gift Trends and the emerging gift industry trend for capturing and eternalising memories or life stories and transforming them into beautiful interior products to cherish in the home. Innovative brands are creating opportunities for families to embed their treasured memories into the fabric of their homes, to be enjoyed for years to come. 


For Mother’s Day gift trends, be it transforming kids’ artistic creations into more permanent works of art, or elevating little one’s crafts to a new level, families are seeking opportunities to eternalise these fleeting moments and give their treasured memories a more premium quality. We’re also seeing a behaviour for capturing the thoughts, stories and memories of older generations while they are still around, eternalising them into beautiful items to enjoy long after they pass. This ladders up to our SS23 Home & Interiors trend Age of Sensitivity, which focuses on embracing your softer side, through interiors that encourage kindness and foster intimate relationships. As people seek to capture memories and mementos, interiors become a place of preservation. In this trend story, treasured items are passed down from generation to generation and protected in quietly impressive displays.

Modo Creative

Art for the Home

When looking for alternative Mother’s Day gift trends, brands that make it easy to create something lasting and meaningful from a child’s artwork will thrive in 2022 and beyond. Taking a crumpled drawing and transforming it into a unique piece of wood wall art, is something Modo Creative specialise in. Their bespoke pieces are cut from oak veneer and mounted on a choice of 15 coloured backgrounds before being framed in a solid oak frame. Other examples include these tasteful wooden chopping boards from Flolliepop Designs, or these stylish denim aprons from Luke Drew This.


Collecting and Recalling Memories

Memorise by Sewook Oh is a clever concept in the form of a beautiful home object which provides a solution for scattered memories, or the thousands of photos many people have buried in cloud storage. The elegant device surprises the user with a random selection of these images and displays them to householders in a blurred visage at first glance until the press of a button allows the image to come into view. Users can swipe left on images they wish to delete and right on images they wish to keep. Designed to connect the past with the present, this product aims to bring scattered memories together with clarity and provide householders with a new experience for looking back into their past in a simple and organised way. 

For those who prefer to flick through their photos in traditional printed form, Printworks was founded with a simple ambition to create daily use products with an elevated aesthetic touch, to better adapt them to modern life. These beautifully bound coffee table books will sit comfortably in carefully curated rooms.

For most generations in 2022, we are lucky enough to be digital natives, knowing that when we die, our ancestors will be able to piece together our lives from the trail of social media posts and digital footprints we leave behind. But for those with older parents, some may feel anxious about how they can capture their mum’s stories and memories in the later years of her life, to ensure they are passed down to for future generations to enjoy. Story Terrace has created a solution for this problem, offering a personal biography service to help mum pass on her life story and leave behind her legacy. After hours of interviews, an assigned writer will write the client’s life story, then an editorial team present the family with a beautifully edited, hardbound full-colour book. While this is an expensive investment, we expect more brands will begin to offer similar services with the aim of preserving treasured memories in increasingly ingenious ways.

Prompted Moments of Intimacy

The pandemic and the extended period of isolation that ensued, has left many people feeling at a loss when it comes to spending time with family and friends again; some are feeling they need a little support and encouragement to help them reintegrate and learn how to socialise again. This fear can even be present in the (sometimes tenuous) bond between mother and daughter. London stationers Martha Brook have developed a ‘Time Together Box’ to help support mum and daughter in finding ways to spend meaningful time together this Mother’s Day. In a similar vein, Gift Republic has created a fun scratch-off poster that gives 100 ideas for things to do with Mum. Offering guided moments of togetherness for consumers will be a key trend in 2022 and 2023.

Our Future of Celebration provides a deeper dive into how consumers will be celebrating occasions in 2023. Or if you’d like some support exploring more products with dual meanings and possibilities for home and interiors, contact our bespoke consultancy team at [email protected].

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