Outdoor Living Trends: The New Conservatory

The Orangery

No longer limited to the old-fashioned conservatory – modern outdoor annexes and pop-up indoor/outdoor spaces are offering solutions for householders to create multi-faceted, versatile, hybridized homes.

Extended outdoor living trends are emerging beyond the classic conservatory, garage or garden shed. Householders are increasingly looking to expand living areas beyond the confines of their homes. These new indoor/outdoor spaces allow householders to enjoy the outdoors, while still having the functionality and comfort of indoor living.

Available on our Premium My TrendBible subscription, our The New Conservatory: Extended Outdoor Living report explores the rise in demand for extended outdoor living spaces, identifying the market shifts and new consumer personas. Here we share an overview of what’s inside the report.

The New Outdoor Living Trends and Personas

As consumers invest in their outdoor spaces, we have identified the 3 need to know personas, highlighting the mindsets and spending priorities of these modern householders.

The Sanctuary Seeker

They want to invest in their home, making it an indoor-outdoor sanctuary, a place to escape from the demands of busy life or anxieties and to support their health and wellbeing.

The Space Squeezer

This persona embodies the ‘don’t move, improve’ attitude. With changing lifestyles and expanding households, they require more and considered use of space. Rather than moving, they seek to better utilise existing spaces – making sure that every inch of their home and garden is serving a purpose and creating solutions.

The Multi-Generational Household

These households need both spaces to be together as well as places for privacy – and extended outdoor living spaces can help address these demands without the need for a bigger property.

Our Premium membership at My TrendBible explores further how household dynamics are continuously shifting, leaving many homemakers in desperate need of more space to house extra members, spaces to work and educate from home, as well as creating spaces for wellbeing, nature immersion and care.

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