Home & Interiors Macro Trends 2023

Trend Forecasting | Home & Interior Macro Trends 2023 | TrendBible

Our latest trend forecasting report, Home & Interiors Macro Trends 2023, is out now!

Find out what’s driving change, gain a deep understanding of the key macro trends impacting the way your future consumer will think, feel and act.

Radical reform

The sharp contrast between harsh reality and extreme escapism forms an interesting foundation for 2023, and will underpin consumer choices, lifestyle and design trends.

On the one hand, there’s a desire to face the brutal truths of climate change, political unrest and humanitarian crises, yet simultaneously, technology provides us with the opportunity to escape all reality.

This runs alongside a series of aftershocks from the pandemic; our emotional reactions and lifestyle disruptions have inspired a generation of innovators to think anew about how we live and consume.

With 70% of people believing brands have a responsibility to positively impact the world, brands are encouraged to follow suit and take collective action. Our trend forecasting shows we will be designing for a new kind of consumer, regardless of industry, and it’s more important than ever to understand what this consumer will want to buy in the short-, mid- and long-term.

Trend Forecasting | Home & Interior Macro Trends 2023 | TrendBible

What’s included in the Home & Interiors 2023 Macro Trends Report?

Four digestible trend drivers: It’s critical to understand where your future consumer mindsets are likely to be. Our Trend Drivers provide the foundation for our four 2023 macro trends and provide evidence of what underpins change.

Micro trends:  Each trend driver is explored more in depth and broken down into a series of micro stories providing you with the commercial confidence to support a new product initiative, go after a new demographic or develop a brand extension.

Thought starters: Practical and actionable thought starters designed to kick start and inspire innovation on how to interpret these trends for your brand.

Our Home & Interiors Macro Trend Report is now available to buy at £500 + VAT. Alternatively, save £50 off when you also purchase our Spring Summer 2023 Design Forecast (original price £1700).


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