Home & Interiors Autumn Winter 2023/24 Forecast

Our Home & Interiors Autumn Winter 2023/24 trend forecast features 4 unique trend stories with direction on shape, material, print, pattern and colour (PANTONE® referenced).

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Forecast change in an uncertain world

Self-expression is a key cornerstone of this allclusive cultural shift. As society interrogates stereotypes, taboos and amplifies under-represented voices this begins to influence how we express ourselves at home in Autumn Winter 2023/24.

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TrendBible Home & Interiors AW202324

Purposeful solutions. Meaningful innovation.

Amidst a major societal transformation of challenging the status quo, environmental intersectionalism gains momentum for Autumn Winter 2023/24. Homemakers will demand holistic solutions that satisfy their desire for a fresh aesthetic whilst protecting the planet. Brands need to place ethical and circular thinking at the core of their processes to stay relevant.

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TrendBible Home & Interiors AW202324

What’s inside

4 inspiring trends for the home & interiors industry: Complete with their backstory to help you understand their commercial relevance.

8 PANTONE® TCX colours and Solid Coated references per trend: Beautifully curated and carefully considered colour palettes.

Quality photographs of real material swatches: Sample contact details are provided for ordering.

20 original copyright free prints: Available in vector format to download and edit.

Downloadable content library: Instant access to the image library (credited to copyright), a digital colour palette and our copyright-free prints.

Trend editor walk-through video: Watch on demand and get deeper insights and more inspiration in our Trend Editor walkthrough video.

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