Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2024 Forecast

Our Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2024 trend forecast features 4 unique trend stories with direction on shape, material, print, pattern and colour (PANTONE® referenced).

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Forecast Change In An Uncertain World

This season, we present four aesthetically and thematically diverse stories. Their diversity is a reflection of the cataclysmic change we are seeing – a clash between dramatic changes in technologically, the economy, society and the environment. The size and scale of the changes coming that impact home life, of course, span beyond a single season, but it’s in 2024 that we will begin to see these inform home life.

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TrendBible Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2024 Forecast

Less House. More Home.

The modern householder will need home to do and be so much more. It is a place to heal, to escape, to deal with the realities of domestic life and to help us shape our many fragmented moods and mindsets. This season, we want home to comfort and nourish us, but we want to do that without reliance on excess.

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TrendBible Home & Interiors Spring Summer 2024 Forecast

What’s Inside

4 Inspiring Trends for the Home & Interiors Industry: Complete with their backstory to help you understand their commercial relevance.

8 PANTONE® TCX Colours and Solid Coated References per trend: Beautifully curated and carefully considered colour palettes.

Quality Photographs of Real Material Swatches: Sample contact details are provided for ordering.

20 Original Copyright Free Prints: Available in vector format to download and edit.

Downloadable Content Library: Instant access to the image library (credited to copyright), a digital colour palette and our copyright-free prints.

Trend Editor Walk-Through Video: Watch on-demand and get deeper insights and more inspiration in our Trend Editor walkthrough video.

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