How Gen-Z Mindsets Are Shaping 2025 Home Trends


As Gen-Z’s spending power grows, brands and retailers across the home and interiors industry seek to understand the wants and needs influencing this mindset. 

The shifting view of life at home among Generation Z presents a challenge for home and interiors brands. With multiple mindsets and values to navigate, finding innovative ways to cater to each emerging Gen-Z householder group is at the forefront of brands’ minds.  

Our Premium subscription service My TrendBible, details unique insight into Gen-Z householder mindsets and their perception of home across everything from next-gen parenting to domestic environments and food and drink categories.

Here, we outline 3 home trends taken from a selection of our Gen-Z reports which respond to the evolving needs of this generation. 

Designing the ‘Kidult’ Home 

Urban Outfitters Home, Maison Flaneur

Our Kidult Lifestyles report identifies how many Gen-Z householders are engaging in a new age of play and looking to add elements of their personality and style anywhere they can. Think fridge magnets, stickers, decals, murals and painted decoration – any way householders can decorate their spaces. This ‘scrapbook-ification’ of interiors sees householders use their walls, doors, and appliances as canvases ready to make their mark. 

Aesthetics of Repair & Reuse 

Emily Van Hoff, @miesjachafer

A growing environmental awareness, paired with financial pressures influenced by the cost-of-living crisis means that householders are increasingly looking to a fix-it-first approach. As a result, Gen-Z mindsets gravitate towards a repaired and reupholstered aesthetic. Our Decorative Soft Accessories – Trend Application: S/S 2025 report highlights patchwork, quilting, appliques and stitching to add longevity to soft accessories. Patchwork quilting also allows for pattern clashing and playful colour combinations, tapping into the cheerful mood appealing to this generation. 

Food as Craft

Balboste Paris, @_papetal_

Our Playful Foodie report explores how Gen-Z mindsets seek food, cooking and dining as an extension of their personal style, fuelling an increasing correlation between food and fashion. As eating becomes artful, there is an influx of aesthetically driven and hyper-decorative food and drink. Think patterned pasta reminiscent of textile designs, playfully colourful pastries and pudding, decadent treats pilled high to create towers and displays, cakes adorned with flowers and curated cocktails. 

What does the future of life at home mean for Gen-Z?

Gain insights into Gen-Z’s connection to their living spaces. Our insight reports available on our trend subscription platform help you align your brand with Gen-Z’s values, ethics, and mindsets. These reports are available now on My TrendBible Premium. My TrendBible is a trend subscription platform designed to ignite inspiration, stimulate innovative ideas, instil confidence in your teams to act upon trends, and offer validation from across the globe.

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