Helen Jamieson on Trend Forecasting

8 January 2018

In the build up to the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show, our Senior Trend Strategist Helen Jamieson discusses how Trend Bible is responding to future challenges and her upcoming talk at the show this month. You can read the interview in full over on the show’s blog.

In the past few years, what has changed most in your business? How has your company met these challenges in the way you do your work?
We’re increasingly being asked by our consultancy clients for longer-term forecasts, five-year, or even 10 to 15-year views. Historically our clients would want to look 18 months to three years ahead. These long-term forecasts look at big shifts in consumer lifestyles, industry and innovation. I think this shift reflects the pace of change, the relative uncertainty in the world and significant disruption to business as we know it, through the success of start-up models like Airbnb and Uber. A long-term view can help our clients identify the big opportunities, or potential risks, and how to overcome them. This type of trend forecasting relies on a different set of methodologies that I’ve been developing with the team.

What do you see as consumers’ biggest concerns regarding housewares products or how to shop for them?
The home was traditionally a private space where only our direct family or those with an invite would get to see how we live and the things we own; social media has changed that significantly. Many once-private, at-home occasions are now published online, from the first moments of waking up in the morning to what’s eaten for supper, or the weekend’s cake baking activity. This has had a significant impact on the design aesthetic of products consumers want to buy. Houseware products that ordinarily were purchased for functionality now have to look great and be Instagram-worthy.

Tell us what you will be speaking about and how this topic is important for Show audiences.
I’ll reveal two trends from our published trend books. The first is Connected Souls, from our Autumn Winter 2018/19 Book and the second is Grounded from our Spring Summer 2019 book. I’ll be sharing inspiration and future design direction for houseware product. The presentation will include direction on how these trends should be translated into color, material, shape and pattern for housewares. I’ll also give an overview of the research that underpins each trend providing you with the narrative that describes why each specific design aesthetic will be relevant to consumers in their homes in 2018/19.

At this year’s International Home and Housewares Show our Senior Trend Strategist, Helen Jamieson, will be presenting, ‘Global Trends for Home and Interiors, 2019’ on Saturday 10th March at 1:30pm in the Innovation Theatre. Read more about the show here

We were impressed with the quality of the individual coaching. Not obtrusive or interfering, but genuinely steering the team to target objective.

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