Pandemic Lens |The Immediate Future of Life at Home

Written by Naomi Pollard

3 April 2020

It’s never been more important to be producing products, services and messages that line up with what people genuinely need.

Confronted with widespread uncertainty and some immediate and dramatic changes in consumer behaviour can be daunting, to say the least. So while some brands have been swift to pivot into online distribution or even whole new categories, others are taking a little longer to weigh up the lay of the land before making big decisions about the strategy they’ll take over the next few months.

Here at Trend Bible, we have spent the majority of the last two weeks not only navigating the territory of from-home-trend-forecasting but also checking in with our clients to ensure we’re really connected to what you need at this time. Some of the questions being asked are; how will consumer behaviour change during and after the pandemic? Are we essential? How can we become more essential? How do we maintain engagement with our audience? And finally, can we use insight and creativity to help us bounce back once this is all over?

The actual experience of the coronavirus will not look the same for all. Generationally and economically we will see huge differences in behaviour. The difference between those with financial security versus those without will be the most pronounced. Those juggling work and children and those suddenly furloughed from their jobs will also experience this time differently.

Above all, there will be one universal truth; when forced to slow down, things look different. Priorities shift. From this new perspective, we will rediscover what truly matters.

What do we class as an essential? How much do we value convenience? How important is our home to our happiness and wellbeing?

With this in mind, we will be publishing a series of immediate future forecasts, our Pandemic Lens series, exploring how lockdown will impact consumer behaviour and mindsets now and in the coming months. These forecasts are largely rooted in existing consumer insight and research but with a pandemic lens applied, meaning they have solid foundations and are likely to be enduring shifts rather than fleeting moments in time.

Visit our blog for regular insights from our Pandemic Lens series. You can also sign up for our upcoming webinar on ‘The Immediate Future of Life at Home’. Register here.

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