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Written by trendbible

11 May 2016

Pick Me UP Image JPEGsImage on right: Corin Kennington 

Pick Me Up, Graphic Arts Festival at Somerset House, London, showcases the best of graphic arts, from emerging illustrators to more established artists and designers. Our researchers attended this year’s show, to explore the freshest visual inspiration. In the post, we share our favourite artists and highlight key themes from the festival.

Rachel Lillie

Pick Me UP Image JPEGs4Images: Rachel Lillie 

Rachel Lillie’s work stood out to us for the way her illustrations were curated alongside found objects. Based on walks around the outskirts of London, there was a real sense of storytelling throughout her work, both in the illustrations and the objects picked up along the way.

Playful & Lighthearted

Pick Me UP Image JPEGs3Clockwise from top left: 3rd Rail Clothing, Charlotte Mei, Alice Bowsher, Charlotte Mei

Throughout the exhibition, there was a recurring theme of lighthearted humour and fun with playful characters. Standing out were Alice Bowsher’s bold, black line illustrations capturing a childlike aesthetic combined with playful editorial. Ceramics were also full of character, with Charlotte Mei’s quirky faces smiling from pots.

Game On

Pick Me UP Image JPEGs2Clockwise from top left: Grey Jam Press, Dan Singer, 3rd Rail Clothing, Dan Singer 

Dan Singer’s geometric Hama bead figures reflected an emerging trend for retro gaming and play. Other gaming references in type and illustration were also seen by 3rd Rail Clothing and Grey Jam Press. As published in our Spring Summer 2017 Kids Lifestyle trend book, the influence of gaming and smart toys combined with nostalgic references will continue to be a bigger theme in the children’s market as we move into next year.

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