Trend Tracker: Why terrazzo is here to stay

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4 October 2018

Trend Bible, Autumn Winter 2018/19 Home & Interior Trend Book: Sensori

In a world of visual overload, where design needs to work harder to stand out from the crowd, consumers engage the senses and explore individuality in a very tactile, vibrant and emotional way. There’a a focus on creating sensory and emotional responses through design, which sees statement colour, print and pattern enter the home again. Daring colours, bold patterns and carefree material combinations are key for this season.

Published 2 years ago in our Home and Interiors Autumn Winter 2018/19 Trend Book, we can now evidence our Sensori trend in major UK and US retailers. In this post we focus on a key material for this season, terrazzo.

Consumers are becoming more aware of new and exciting composites.  At London Design Fair 2018, Surface Matter hosted a week of events on material design, by a range of makers, designers and experts. At one of the workshops, hosted by Surface Designer Katie Gillies, guests were able to create their very own terrazzo coaster.

Trend Bible, Autumn Winter 2018/19 Home & Interior Trend Book: Sensori

Terrazzo is a composite material, consisting of marble, glass, granite or even wood, set in cement or resin. Originally from Italy, terrazzo was used for floor and wall treatments, but due to the endless possibilities of colour, pattern and finish, it has become a popular material used in other areas of the home too.

We have seen terrazzo itself used across a broad range of products in retail, from lighting to bathroom accessories, in tonal colour combinations of greys and browns. Print and pattern inspired by terrazzo, using abstract marks, has been used by Ferm Living, amongst others.

This composite material is not merely a fad as we see terrazzo moving into products with more longevity, like furniture and wallpaper. As consumers have a wider appreciation and knowledge of materials like terrazzo, along with other composite materials, they will continue to be important well into 2020.

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