The Big Picture 2026: Home & Interior Macro Trends

The Big Picture Macro Report is your go-to resource for the upcoming year and the starting point for innovation. This annual macro trend report outlines the pivotal overarching lifestyle trends shaping the future of home.

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2026 The Age of Intention

From family life to renting, food and drink to cleaning, this 2026 macro trends report explores the influences, mindsets and behaviours that will have the most impact on the way real people will live their lives at home in the future.

For 2026 a sense of intention comes into play. We see householders making decisions with informed purpose, choosing carefully what to engage with, and how to spend their time and money – removing anything that no longer aligns with their purpose or wellbeing.

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What’s inside

4 x Big Picture Trends It’s critical to understand where your future consumer mindsets are likely to be. Here we provide the foundation for what is driving our four Big Picture Macro Trends for 2026.

12 x Micro Trends Each Macro Trend is explored in more depth and broken down into a series of micro stories, providing you with the commercial confidence to support a new product initiative, go after a new demographic or develop a brand extension.

16 x Thought Starters Within each trend we offer practical and actionable thought starters, designed to ignite and inspire innovation on how to interpret these trends for your brand.

Plus a 2 Minute Trend Takeaway video Our editorial team summarise the key themes that will impact the mass market for Home & Interiors in 2026.

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