Understanding How Trends Evolve

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14 December 2015


Our twice-yearly trend book is an essential tool for buyers, designers and marketers looking to stay ahead of the game. Each season we feature four unique trend stories grounded in evidence of what is driving change for the consumer, helping you to understand and explain why a particular trend is happening.

Many of our clients use our books to build up a library of trend information giving them the benefit of a view on future trends, as well as insight in to how trends evolve season on season.

Our trends have longevity and rather than being put to bed at the end of the season, can be used to add an additional layer of learning to the next season’s forecast. Understanding how trends evolve can be as valuable as understanding future trends. We hear that this evolution of trend is something our clients find unique about the way we forecast.

“I see Trend Bible trends as paths that evolve, and drive a designer to new scenarios, inspiring many directions. I enjoy seeing how the trends evolve season to season. I can see how my interpretation of your trends 5 years ago, is still absolutely on trend now. It’s one reason I believe your books offer value in comparison to other resources.”
– Macrina Busato, Designer and Educator in Design and Business, Madrid.

Trend Drivers
Our seasonal design trends are driven by broad cultural shifts also known as ‘macro trends’. These are slow in pace, resulting in longer lasting trends that evolve and adapt seasonally. Educating yourself on how these shifts transition season to season will enable you to identify any recurring themes as well as understanding how and why consumer behaviours change.

There is an art to predicting the exact shade that makes a top-selling colour, that is why we include a pull-out guide showing you exactly how each colour family evolves season to season. Using multiple books enables you to clearly identity the pace and transition of a colour giving you a more thorough understanding of how and why they evolve.

Updating the home is an ongoing process and it is very rare that an individual will completely change a room every season. Having an understanding of previous trends will help you to develop a range that complements what is already in the home. It is also important to understand that all brands work at different speeds and actually some of our previous trends may be more suited to your current customer.

To help you gain a view on how trends evolve, we are offering our Home and Interior Spring Summer 2016 eBook for just £150 (+VAT in the UK) as a tool to buy alongside our Home and Interior Spring Summer 2017 Book or eBook. For more information get in touch – enquiries@trendbible.com.

Our Home & Interiors and Kids Lifestyle trend publications are published biannually and are available in both printed and eBook format. Click here to find out more. 


We send the bespoke trend reports out to different departments in our organisation from product development to digital and customer teams. The report acts as internal inspiration that everyone can read and get something from. The feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive.


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