What Home Means to Me

Kate Carrick  home section

In the fifth instalment of What Home Means to Me, Contributing Editor for Trend Bible, Kate Carrick, reveals how her home is a social playground come day and haven by night.

“Home is everything.  Home is the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.  It is family and friends for lunch, children playing, noise and chaos.  But later, it is where I control the mood, the environment and the cats pad about on the heated floor.  Home is the building; it is also the space within. Continue reading

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What inspires and motivates modern day parents?

Modern ParentingThe Future of Parenting

Find out what inspires and motivates modern day parents in this unique trend briefing that details the future of family life. Join us as we share our unique approach to segmenting and understanding consumers and householders in their role as parents, helping you shape appropriate and effective product ranges and marketing messages for 2015 and 2016.

This event is open to all industry professionals involved in creating products or services for parents, babies and toddlers. Held at Material Lab, London on Thursday 26th March. Continue reading

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What’s motivating consumers in 2016?

HomeInsight2016 3
Understanding what influences and motivates your customer is crucial to steering your brand strategically, and creating successful and engaging campaigns.

Our 2016 Insight Reports are a start-point to your year, providing in-depth insight into the key shifts in consumer attitude and behaviour that you need to be aware of. Each year we publish a Consumer Lifestyle & Home Environment and Kids Lifestyle report forecasting 1-2 years ahead. Continue reading

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Autumn Winter 16/17 Home & Kid’s Lifestyle Trends

AW1617HomeAvailable in both physical and eBook formats, our Home Interiors and Kid’s Lifestyle Trend Books for Autumn Winter 16/17 are available to buy now.

At Trend Bible we understand how important it is for manufacturers, working 2 years ahead of retail, to have access to the newest emerging trends in textiles, furnishings and homeware, allowing you to build inspirational, commercially successful product ranges. Continue reading

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Shades of blue this Valentine’s

Valentines20152This Valentine’s day, spending is expected to exceed record highs in the US and see a 46% rise in the UK. With the occasion growing in popularity with consumers on both sides of the Atlantic, our Senior Trend Analysts have been researching what retailers have in-store across greetings, gift and homeware for Valentine’s 2015. Continue reading

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Kid’s Trends: Spring Summer 2015

We are pleased to share a preview of our Kid’s Lifestyle Trends for the first half of 2015, perfect for those of you who work much closer to the season.

Forecast over two years ago, these trends are now beginning to emerge in store and online. In this post we share 2 of the 4 trends from our Spring Summer 2015 trend book. Get your free copy of the full seasonal preview, including all 4 trends, by signing up to our free monthly trend updates.


cove colour direction

Emotional and physical well-being becomes just as important for children as it is for their parents. This wholesome trend picks up on a desire for a change of pace, the calming effect of the sea and remote natural coastal locations. Parents crave a simple existence, while children enjoy engaging with nature. Continue reading

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What Home Means to Me

WHM Cassandra2This month Cassandra Goggin, Product Sourcing Buyer at Poole Lighting Ltd explains to us why her home is so special to her, in the fourth instalment of our What Home Means to Me blog series.

“A few months ago, I found a quote that said ‘our family is just the right mix of chaos and love’. That’s pretty much how I see our home.

Continue reading

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Maison et Objet 2015

MaisonThis year marked the 20th Anniversary of international trade show Maison et Objet in Paris. Our Senior Trend Analysts attended the show to evidence the emerging trends in home and interiors.

“This year’s show was an impressive reflection of the truly international nature of Maison et Objet. The diverse range of exhibitors displayed a breadth of cultural influences, which were really evident within their designs. I’m looking forward to seeing how this variety of influence within the home and interiors sector continues to grow as the show expands into Asia and the Americas.”  Ruth Kelly, Trend Bible Senior Trend Analyst. Continue reading

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Trend Bible Guide to Paris this January


Maison et Objet Home & Interiors Trade Show in Paris returns this year, running from the 23rd to the 27th of January 2015.

Featuring both directional and commercial collections, Maison is a key destination to track existing and emerging design trends in product, surface, pattern, shape, colour and material.

2015 is the year in which Maison et Objet celebrates its 20th anniversary. In celebration of this, we have compiled a list of things to do and see in Paris this season, covering the most exciting and creative food, homeware and design that Paris has to offer.

Continue reading

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The Future of Craft

Advances in technology are shifting our relationship with traditional craft practices and pushing innovation dramatically within this sector. In November, our trend researcher Christine Kinson attended the Crafts Council’s Make:Shift - the first in a series of conferences exploring how new and existing methodologies, processes and materials are shaping the future of craft.

Among the world-leading innovators sharing their insights on the day were a surgeon, an expert on robotics in architecture and an inventor of colour-changing fabrics.

Here Christine shares some of her key findings from the conference as we ask what this new tech approach to craft means for the future of the retail sector and the home.

Make Shift2 Continue reading

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