Kids Trends: Autumn Winter 2014/15

In this blog post we share a preview of what to expect in Kids Lifestyle products for the home this Autumn/Winter.  Originally published in 2012, this seasonal preview is ideal for those working closer to the season. If you’d like to see the full forecast -we have limited copies of the A/W 14/15 Kids lifestyle book available for just £150+pp -contact us to find out more.

Trend 1: Little Town


Mill chimneys and rows of terraced houses depict busy scenes from the British industrial revolution as we reflect on the change in culture and process our transition into the digital era. This story is truly nostalgic, documenting the journey for future generations who potentially will have no memory of the factories and heavy industry that once made Britain great.

KAW1415 2References to British culture are subtle and artistic; the paintings of Lowry, depicting Victorian red brick factories and the minutiae of everyday life. We see a celebration in being studious, celebrating kinaesthetics and craft, and activity becoming important to a generation of parents increasingly keen to get their kids motivated academically (to prepare them for an ever-changing future) and physically (in the face of the global obesity epidemic).

Trend 2: Deconstruct

KAW1415 3

This story has a modern Japanese feel to it, characterised by a soft minimalist approach to design and construction, and a playful sweet approach to character development.

KAW1415 4Delicate, scattered motifs leave breathing space for simple and beautiful form and engaging textures across all home and toy categories. Gone are the regimented geometrics, it’s all about rounded, plump, unstructured shapes, simple use of pattern and colour and charming, sweet characters. Fabrics are low-key and sophisticated adding a comforting tactility. Shapes for toys are rounded constructions, with pleats and folds allowing the space to expand and morph.

Trend 3: Woodcraft Folk

KAW1415 5

This wholesome story is reflective of a parental desire for children to learn basic survival and craft skills in the midst of our digital revolution.

KAW1415 6

A sense of experimentation is important here; imperfect shapes inspire toys and furniture as we bring a sensorial experience to learning and play. Winter cabins and toolsheds provide inspiration for the built environment print, along with vintage tools with wooden handles such as saws, axes and files. Glossy varnish is applied to decorated and painted wood, and positive, wholesome messages in vintage typography are used to adorn wall art, textile prints and toys. Florals are naiive, simplistic shapes, with sketchy line-drawn tree branches featuring here along with woodland birds.

Trend 4: Forgotten Land

KAW1415 7

This story has its roots in Slavic folklore where swirling towers, regal characters and forgotten lands create the foundations of fantastical fairytales. Renaissance architecture, provides a colourful and decorative confection for design and print inspiration. Busy surface pattern is important in this story, with crowns, royal palace characters, castellated walls, spires and turrets being interwoven into conversational prints and games.

KAW1415 8

Dark, dense, elaborate floral wreath prints interlaced with feathers and birds feature here, alongside imagery of castles in thorny forests, intricate crowns and characters of the court from kings and princesses to jesters, footmen and horse guards. For furniture and hard goods, wood is etched and carved, with true craftsmanship integral to this trend across toys and furniture, and evident in heavily embellished embroidered textiles.

For more information on our seasonal trend publications, including our Kid’s Lifestyle books, or bespoke consultancy please click here or contact us at





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Home Trends: Autumn Winter 14/15 Preview

For those of you who work closer to the season we are revealing a preview of our forecast for the coming season -Autumn Winter 2014/15. This forecast was originally published back in 2012 in our Home & Interiors Trend Book.

Trend 1: Hypothesis


The concept of experimentation continues to be important as we move through the second half of 2014. This story celebrates the mistakes and surprise results that this approach can bring. Art and science have been edging ever closer in our trends for 2013, and this story sees a collision of these concepts.

The boundaries of chemistry, craft and nature blur, evident in new materials that look natural but are wholly synthetic. Patterns drip and bleed, taking inspiration from the playfulness of paint. For print cross-sections and the concept of compacted layers are important. Strata and geology are referenced in this lively, spirited story. Continue reading

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Talks and Events: Kind & Jugend 2014

At this years Kind und Jugend show, our Trend Editor, Anri Hamilton will be giving an exclusive seminar on the future of Kid’s lifestyle products. Click here for more details on the Trend Forum seminar programme to make sure you don’t miss it.

Here are just some of the trends we spotted at the show last year:

Acid PopKind & Jugend 2013One of the most noticeable trends at the show in 2013 was bold colour, which was evident in baby transport, bedding, feeding products and furniture. From canary yellow to near-chlorophyl lime, acid yellows were everywhere, making this one of the most used unisex colours at the show. Used as a fine line of piping on bedding or a whole stroller/pushchair, there were plenty of examples of how to use this striking colour.

Purple for Unisex
Kind & Jugend 20132

Purple was everywhere at the show, particularly for pushchairs/strollers and made a surprising unisex shade. Mixing shades of purple and burgundy added sophistication. Again, trims and frames of strollers were kept either black or brushed aluminium finish. For furniture, purple was used in small amounts in otherwise white storage units.

Kind & Jugend 2013_4
Many brands managed to maintain a playful, child-friendly edge to a graphic monochrome palette, adding stripes, over-sized houndstooth and typographical jacquards as pattern concepts. We loved the dipped effect legs on the Ovo highchairs by Micuna.

If you won’t be able to attend the show this year, Trend Bible are publishing a full report analysing the emerging trends in Kids Lifestyle products evidenced at the show. Contact us now to preorder your copy.

To sign up to our newsletter and receive a free copy of last years report please email us at –

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Trade Show Reports: NY Now


This month Trend Bible’s US Trend Editor, Estela Lugo attended NY NOW (previously known as the New York International Gift Fair), an international trade fair showcasing the latest products across home, lifestyle and gift. Below we share Estela’s top highlights from the show.

If you weren’t able to attend the show, our comprehensive Trend Report on NY NOW is now available to buy directly from our online shop.
This digital report details the emerging trends evidenced at the show, across four categories; Print & Pattern, Surface & Material, Shape & Construction and Colour -featuring over 25 trends.


This seasons highlights:

  1. Geometry inspired shapes and motifs had a strong presence at the show this year. 3D cubes, hexagons, and faceted objects replaced more traditional product shapes.
  2. There was a distinct presence of orange tones with soft peach and coral shades featuring heavily.
  3. Prints and patterns were simple and texture focused. Stripes, dots and dashes appear hand painted and stamped. Prints are less dense with a focus on marbled and hand crafted techniques.

Click here to get your copy of the full trend report on NY Now -available to download now from our online store for £350+VAT. 

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What Home Means to Me

WHM - Helen JamiesonHelen Jamieson, Interior Designer.

The first in our series of blog posts exploring the meaning of home comes from interior designer, Helen Jamieson.

“Home is my anchor in the world, the place I can come back to. It has to feel right, like it’s comfortable to lay down roots and be grounded. I’ve moved house many times in the last ten years and I believe I just know when I walk in to a place whether or not it’s got the right energy to be my home. It can be the most wonderful house in the world but if it doesn’t feel right then it will never feel like home.

My home is ‘my world’, a space in which I can create a feeling, a look, a mood that reflects me and my journey – objects I like, gifts from friends, old things and new things. It’s the adult version of my wendy house. I know it’s right when friends visit and say ‘it’s so you’.”

WHM - Helen Jamieson2

“I like to be resourceful at home, it’s not always about making it perfect or buying new things. I get enjoyment from making, mending, restoring and finding new uses for unused items. I think I’ve inherited that from my parents and grandparents. I like to feel like I have a good relationship with all of the objects in my home, they are all friends who in someway add value to my home, items that I’d miss if we had to part company.”

We’d love to hear from our readers about what home means to you. Get involved by sending in your thoughts to or tweet us – @TrendBible #WhatHomeMeans.

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Talks and Events: Autumn Fair

Autumn Fair1As part of the Trend Seminar series at Autumn Fair on the 8th September, our Home and Interiors Editor, Anri Hamilton will be exploring how retailers can build longevity into their core ranges.

Retailers and brands are constantly evaluating existing ranges to determine which trends have true staying power beyond the seasonal trends. In this presentation, we will share the key trends to carry over from 2014 to Spring/Summer 2015.

Whilst it’s important to understand what changes, we believe it’s equally important to analyse what stays the same, from householder attitudes and behaviours through to colour and design trends. This presentation will help buyers and product developers plan core ranges and refresh established trends that continue to have commercial significance.

Click here for more information on the seminar timetable to make sure you don’t miss the Trend Bible talk.

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What Home Means To Me

Home is at the heartHome is at the heart of everything we do at Trend Bible, we spend our time understanding what motivates people to build, create, decorate, love, hate and change their homes. It can be as subtle as changing a cushion on a sofa, or as dramatic as building a new room. What interests us is not only what compels people to do this, but why.

In the first of our forthcoming series, we explore the notion of home and what it means to us as individuals. The practical, the emotional, the psychological strands that make us choose, reject, embrace, share, enhance, curate and hide aspects of our homes. Sometimes a decision is made on a momentary whim, sometimes it’s after years of planning and saving.

As the saying goes ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’, and indeed we have lots of evidence to suggest that Brits are attached to their home – 65% are homeowners, versus 43% in Germany (this falls to only 14% in Berlin). But does home ownership equate to greater happiness? Studies by the OECD suggest not, with 93% of Germans stating they are happy with the current housing situation.

Over the coming weeks we will share fascinating snippets of interviews with people in our network, from cutting-edge creatives to stay-at-home mums (and some that manage both!) as part of our exploration of what home means.

We’d love to hear from our readers about what home means to you. Get involved by sending in your thoughts to or tweet us - @TrendBible  #WhatHomeMeans.

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Trade Show Report: New Designers Part 2

New Designers Part 2Bottom Left: Tom Hutchinson Design

Last week we visited and reported back from graduate design show New Designers Part 1; where we gave out our ‘Trend Bible Loves’ cards to selected graduates. This week we returned for Part 2, which celebrated the best in visual media, furniture and product design. Continue reading

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News: Designer Insights

Trend Bible founder Joanna Feeley is featured in this months Designer Insights on the Terry’s Blinds blog – you can see the full feature here which includes her top picks for the season.

Designer Insights - Joanna Feeley

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News: Where Are They Now?

Over the past six years, we’ve had over 25 work placement students join our core team at Trend Bible and we’re firm believers in the insights, inspiration and sheer hard work students bring to our team! Naturally, we try and support our local universitiescolleges and schools through a number of initiatives from speaking at New Leaders conferences for schoolgirls, through to setting live design projects for universities and colleges.

Our rigourous interviewing techniques ensure we sift through the 40-50 CVs we receive per week to get the cream of the crop to come and work with us to learn about trend forecasing and how to develop high quality trend analysis skills. Continue reading

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