News: What is the future of active design?

The issue of physical inactivity is one for global concern, as we reach the point where our bodies are now getting older, sooner. The Design Council has responded to this health crisis with the ‘Active’ programme which builds on government and health research showing that people’s well-being and quality of life can be improved through designing better buildings and public spaces.

Attending the summit last month, our Creative Assistant, Amy Sellers, reports back on the key findings from the event and questions what this means for the future.

Design Council Photo2 Continue reading

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Retail Reports: Halloween


This year Halloween spending in the US is set to break record levels, with consumers expecting to spend more than they did last year on the occasion, and home decor accounting for $2 Billion according to the National Retail Federation.

For the key seasons and occasions throughout the year Trend Bible produce a comprehensive analysis of the trends evidenced in stores across London and New York in the form of our retail reports.  Our Halloween report has revealed over 35 trends in print and pattern, decoration, product and colour for Kids, Home and Lifestyle. This covers a range of products including greetings, stationery, clothing, confectionery, party decoration and tableware.

One of our favourite trends this season was glitter dipped decor items – bringing a touch of glamour to Halloween. This was seen in both UK supermarkets and US department stores - we love these pumpkins as seen in Target and Michaels.

Our Halloween 2014 In Season Retail Report is available now for £350 (+VAT in the UK). Get your copy now from our online shop or contact us for more information.

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Retail Reports: Festive 2014

With retail sales forecasts for 2014 looking positive for the festive period in both the US and UK, our trend researchers are heading out to analyse the key trends in homeware and lifestyle products on sale this Christmas and New Year.


Last year it was interesting to see the emergence of peppermint and pink colour combination as an update on the traditional red and green (as published in our Festive 2013 report). This created a much softer look across decor, gift and serveware, and we’re looking forward to seeing how retailers have developed this fresh palette for 2014.


Exclusive offer
Until the end of October all customers who preorder their 2014 report will receive a FREE copy of the 2013 Festive report. To preorder the Trend Bible Festive 2014 In Season Report now for £350(+VAT in the UK) please email us –

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What Home Means to Me

WHM - Kate BurtonThe second in our series of blog posts on ‘What Home Means to Me’ shares Kate Burton’s concept of ‘Home.’ Kate is Founder and Brand Director of Miss Kiki Salon.

Home is my sanctuary, my escape from the demands of an incredibly busy life. It is calm and quiet, light and breezy. I fill it full of flowers in the summer and in the winter I used scented candles to make my mark. I can be myself here; there’s no-one to impress, no-one to care what I wear or that I remain make-up free. It is my space in which to reflect. It is also the space I share with my husband, a space to relax, chat, plan and create – he has a studio and I have an office across the landing. On busy days, we meet in the middle for tea and a laugh – or to look at one another’s work. Home is the place where I can truly devote my time to my friends and family, usually over a meal lovingly and slowly prepared. On those days, there is animated chat and music. Again, laughter and much reminiscing about childhood and good times. Continue reading

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Trade Show Reports: London Design Festival 2014

S_LDF2014London Design Festival becomes bigger and more influential each year and it’s a fantastic opportunity to see world class design close to home as people flock to London from all over the world. The whole Trend Bible team dispersed across London to absorb and explore the design festival. We attended seminars, scoured a variety of trade shows and visited galleries and exhibitions all over the city. Continue reading

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News: The Trend Bible eBook

eBook VisualTrend Bible are pleased to announce that our bi-annual trend publications will now be available in digital format. Our Home and Interiors Spring Summer 2016 eBook is now available to buy directly from our online shop.

The eBook showcases our seasonal trends, forecast 2 years ahead of the season. It retains all of the rich content of our printed books, translated into a format design specially for screen-based use. This useful tool makes it easier for you to share the trends with your team or use while travelling. The eBook contains photographs of material swatches, and PANTONE® referenced colour palettes.

The eBook also contains a range of free tools available to download at the click of a button including our Trend Takeaway guide -perfect for buyers, and our selection of copyright free original prints.

We are offering existing book customers an exclusive 75% discount on the eBook when ordered in addition to the printed trend book.* Get in touch now to make the most of this discount.

Order your copy now from our online shop or contact us to find out more –

*75% discount when order in addition to the printed book of the same season.

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Opinion: Kid’s Preferences

Back in 2010 we published our first ever Kid’s Lifestyle trend forecast as  a response to the lack of progression for kid’s toys in terms of availability of choice. Many retailers told us it was important to them to respond to the ‘pink for girls, blue for boys’ colour choices and that they were merely responding to a demand from the end consumer.

the-pink-and-blue-projectAbove; images from The Pink and Blue Project by JeongMee Yoon, which explores colour and gender amongst children.

Four years on and we’re starting to see a bigger story emerging, one that we’d hit the tip of the iceberg of over four years ago when we began questioning the scope of choice in products and colour out there for kids. Continue reading

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Kids Trends: Autumn Winter 2014/15

In this blog post we share a preview of what to expect in Kids Lifestyle products for the home this Autumn/Winter.  Originally published in 2012, this seasonal preview is ideal for those working closer to the season. If you’d like to see the full forecast -we have limited copies of the A/W 14/15 Kids lifestyle book available for just £150+pp -contact us to find out more.

Trend 1: Little Town


Mill chimneys and rows of terraced houses depict busy scenes from the British industrial revolution as we reflect on the change in culture and process our transition into the digital era. This story is truly nostalgic, documenting the journey for future generations who potentially will have no memory of the factories and heavy industry that once made Britain great. Continue reading

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Home Trends: Autumn Winter 14/15 Preview

For those of you who work closer to the season we are revealing a preview of our forecast for the coming season -Autumn Winter 2014/15. This forecast was originally published back in 2012 in our Home & Interiors Trend Book.

Trend 1: Hypothesis


The concept of experimentation continues to be important as we move through the second half of 2014. This story celebrates the mistakes and surprise results that this approach can bring. Art and science have been edging ever closer in our trends for 2013, and this story sees a collision of these concepts.

The boundaries of chemistry, craft and nature blur, evident in new materials that look natural but are wholly synthetic. Patterns drip and bleed, taking inspiration from the playfulness of paint. For print cross-sections and the concept of compacted layers are important. Strata and geology are referenced in this lively, spirited story. Continue reading

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Talks and Events: Kind & Jugend 2014

At this years Kind und Jugend show, our Trend Editor, Anri Hamilton will be giving an exclusive seminar on the future of Kid’s lifestyle products. Click here for more details on the Trend Forum seminar programme to make sure you don’t miss it.

Here are just some of the trends we spotted at the show last year:

Acid PopKind & Jugend 2013 Continue reading

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