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To gain access to this monthly source of inspiration completely free of charge simply sign up to our newsletter via this link.

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In Season Retail Reports: Easter 2014

S_Easter ReportTrend Bible publish a range of digital trend reports throughout the season including our In Season Retail reports, which provide a comprehensive look at what’s in store on both sides of the Atlantic at key points in the season and for occasions. Each report provides an analysis of the trends as seen in the most influential New York and London stores, covering homeware, gift, décor, stationery and tableware.

Our newest release Easter 2014 is available to buy now.

Trend Bible In Season Retail reports provide a valuable perspective to designers, merchandisers and buyers of what’s happening in the broader market, saving time and providing you with our expert trend analysis. It helps to stay on track of key trends, position your brand against competitors and influence product development for the following year.

“We found your Transatlantic Festive report massively useful and insightful for our A/W 2014 development!”

“It was great to see trends and categories grouped together, which backed up our own interpretation and understanding of what was happening in the market place. As we get increasingly busier, we are less able to get out and about, especially over the pond, so such a report is really valuable for us to see individual products (and realise where they have come from!) as well as compare links between retailers and the ranges they have developed.”    - Talking Tables

You can order our Easter In Season Retail Report now for £350*+VAT by visiting our online shop or by emailing us at

Valentine's 2014 ReportTrend Bible Valentine’s 2014 In Season Report – also available to order now.

*Don’t miss out on up to 20% discount when you subscribe to multiple reports from our selection of In Season Retail and Trade Show digital reports. To see a full list of our available reports, including Valentines 2014, and available discounts click here. Or contact us now for more information.

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Trade Show Reports: Milan Furniture Fair 2014

In preparation for our trip to Milan for Salone del Mobile next month we asked our Senior Trend Analyst Naomi Shedden what she was looking forward to seeing at the show.

“I love the playful interaction of shapes in these ‘Island’ units designed by Raw Edges for Caesarstone. The engineered quartz surfaces feature gaps for slotting in storage units, appliances and accessories rather than having these items placed on top – completely re–imagining the concept of the work surface.”

Check out their beautiful preview video of the installation designed for the show below.

2014 © Seeing The Brick Motion Studio

If you won’t be attending the show this year, Trend Bible’s coverage of Salone del Mobile 2014 is available for preorder now. Our Trade Show Reports provide an in-depth account of the major shows, broken down into clear themes with expert analysis of how we see the trends emerging and shifting. They are an essential tool for those who don’t want to miss out on the important trends of the season.

To find out more and receive a free edit of our Maison et Objet 2013 report get in touch at

You can see a full list of our published reports here.

Milan Furniture Fair 2014  - Click here to Preorder now.
Maison et Objet 2014  - Available to buy now from our online shop.


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Kids Trends: Spring Summer 2014

We’re reflecting on our Kid’s Lifestyle forecasts for Spring / Summer 2014. Published over two years ahead of the season, back in 2012, we’re now starting to see these trends emerge in store.

Below we’re sharing a snapshot of the trends we forecast. Check out our Pinterest feed to track all of our past forecasts and join us on Google+ to stay up to date with our newest releases.

Peaceful Protest Spring / Summer 2014

KSS14 Overview Continue reading

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Opinion: Distancing

Trend Bible memoryIn our trend research we’ve found increasing evidence of an over-reliance on technology being a catalyst for lots of new attitudes and behaviours in and around the home.

Modern technology helps us find the easy way to do things, which has its benefits and certainly plays to our innate desire for convenience, but are we out-sourcing some of the  most valuable neurological functions we have? Smartphones allow us to collectively store information ‘outside ourselves’ reinforcing the feeling that we’re distanced from our instincts and the aural indicators in our environment. Continue reading

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Talks and Events: The Future of Recreation

FOR_5Trend Bible host a range of inspiring Trend Briefings, inviting industry professionals to hear our exclusive forecasts for key areas of the Home and Interiors and Kid’s Lifestyle categories.

We are pleased to announce that our latest event will explore the Future of Recreation, and will be held in London on the 8th May and Manchester on the 15th May 2014.

This seminar will provide rich insight into the hobbies, relaxation and leisure pursuits that will be engaging consumers in 2015 and beyond. Understanding the relationship between work, rest and play is the focus for this event, which uncovers the key trends set to influence consumer attitudes and behaviours around how we spend our free time.

Architects, hotel groups, health & fitness companies, food & beverage, travel and garden & outdoor brands and cultural institutions will find this event central to their decision making process, underpinning strategic development and marketing messages for the year ahead.

FOR_4Find out how householders will be using their homes and gardens for leisure time, how technology is helping and hindering our wellbeing, the future role of relaxation and emerging trends for holidays and experiences at this unique event.

Trend Bible Founder and Creative Director Joanna Feeley will share insights, research findings, future predictions and industry opinion in this lively, engaging seminar.

“The way we use our houses; the way we choose to interact with each other and carve out space to spend time alone, is pivotal to design and decoration trends at home. Some of the visual cues come from other social environments like hotels and restaurants,” explains Joanna. “We will also be looking at the notion of recreation in terms of how people will spend their relaxation and leisure time, the role of health and wellbeing within this, and detail the most important activities and pursuits for 2015.”

Spaces are limited and are sold on a first-come-first-served basis so please do book early.

This event is for industry professionals only.

For more information on this briefing or to book your place now please visit our Eventbrite page (or click your selected date below). You can also contact us directly at

London, Material Lab – 8th May – £75.00+VAT  [book now]
Manchester, Twenty Twenty Two – 15th May – £75.00+VAT  [book now]

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News: Autumn Winter 2015/16 Publications

AW1516_4Trend Bible are pleased to announce the release of our Autumn Winter 2015/16 Trend Publications. Our Home & Interiors and Kids Lifestyle books are now available to order for £990+pp by emailing us at or contacting your nearest agent – you can see our network of global sales agents here.

Trend Bible publishes forecasts 2 years ahead of the season, providing essential design direction across colour, shape, material, print and pattern for Home & Interiors and Kid’s Lifestyle products. These publications are an indispensable tool for product developers, designers, art directors and buyers providing a clear, commercial direction on the design trends.

Each book contains 4 unique trend stories with inspirational imagery, material samples, exclusive copyright free prints and 32 colour swatches matched to nearest PANTONE® TPX and TCX references.

Trend Bible are the only publisher of global trends for Kid’s Lifestyle products – providing trends and inspiration for baby and child across furniture, toys, games and soft furnishings.

AW1516_3“Your trends are delicious and very inspiring. We design prints & patterns for textiles and wallpapers, so this is a great tool for us.” Studio Kelkka

Combine your book order with our Future Insight Report – Consumer Lifestyle and Home Environment 2015 to gain an in-depth insight into what’s driving change in consumer attitude and behaviour for 2015 and beyond and how this will be impacting our home environments. An essential tool for marketers and product developers, providing the foresight needed to make sound strategic decisions. We are offering 10% discount when purchased with the book. You can read more about this report here , or download your copy automatically from our online shop. Get in touch with us for further details on available discounts.

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News: 2015 Future Insight Report

Understanding what will influence trends and steer householder behaviour is essential for making sound product development and marketing decisions.


We’ve published a new downloadable report that explores the key shifts in householder behaviour and paints a picture of life at home today, and what we can expect to happen next.

Find out what we predict will be shaping consumer attitudes, tastes and behaviours for 2015 in this report which clusters our findings into clear and comprehensive Macro Themes. This report is available to buy from our online shop for £600+VAT.

We built and developed these Macro Themes from our initial Trend Panel which was back in 2013,” explained Trend Bible founder Joanna Feeley. “Our specially selected group of panelists are inspiring thinkers and influential practitioners and are able to share their research and opinion in specialist home and interior markets. We layer this knowledge into a broader set of research and then apply our own unique forecasting methodologies to predict what the most important trends will be.” Continue reading

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News: Digital Trend Reports 2014

S_Valentines ReportTrend Bible will be publishing an exciting new range of digital trend reports throughout 2014. Our online shop means you can now stay up to date with the newest releases, giving you immediate access to the reports through instant download. All of our reports are also available for pre-order in advance of their release, saving you up to 20% on the price (see below for details). Continue reading

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Home Trends: Spring Summer 2014

In this post we share a detailed overview of our Spring Summer 2014 Home and Interior Trends for those of you who work closer to the season. This forecast was published back in 2012, over two years ahead of the season. We have the last few remaining copies of our Spring/Summer 2014 trend publications available to our readers. To find out more click here.

Nature Prescription

Trend Bible Nature Prescription SS14_1

As we revolve our lives more around the city and remove ourselves from nature, this trend is about creating a place for healing, and repairing, allowing us to pursue peace and silence and glean energy from the natural environment. The home becomes a reflection of our desire to be closer to nature, so natural materials are introduced in their raw state, often encased, protected and suspended in glass or acrylic, so that we can appreciate its beauty whilst the object maintains maximum usability and functionality.

This trend is the antidote to quick-fix culture, it replenishes and embraces the slow burn, mindfulness and honesty of bare, raw materials. The weathering process is cherished. Texture replaces print where quality of life, replenishment, and space for thought and contemplation balance out a digital existence. Continue reading

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