A Practical Guide to 2024 Tradeshows and Where to Find Us

Barro at Maison & Objet

Have you identified the most appropriate 2024 tradeshows to attend to meet your strategic priorities? And how will you maximise your time to ensure you make the most of your return on investment?

Tradeshows are a valuable source of intelligence gathering, igniting the design process and facilitating the creation of commercially viable products and services. But with so many 2024 tradeshows to choose from worldwide and growing constraints on travel budgets and resources, it can be a challenge to create your shortlist.

With expert advice from our trend editors and global network, we’ve collated a practical guide to help you get the best value out of your 2024 tradeshow itinerary together with a shortlist of tradeshows you can find us at.

How to optimise your time at tradeshow for maximum impact

1. Do your research

Make a plan, and have objectives. Understand which brands and designers are there so you can identify the ones you don’t want to miss and prioritise your time accordingly.

2. Build your day around the most relevant talks

Look at the talks and presentations happening on the day and make sure you don’t miss relevant speakers. Knowing the times and location of the talks you want to attend will help you form a plan for the day.

3. Identify innovation areas

Identify key themes, installations and collaborations that will resonate with your brand. Locate the trend curation areas and head straight for them.

4. Map your route

The show floor and halls can be large and overwhelming. So plan a route to ensure you are hitting all the relevant stalls. Also, wear comfortable shoes and pack plenty of snacks.

5. Build new networks

Connect with people outside of your usual bubble.  Some of the best ideas come through those impromptu conversations. No business card? No problem. LinkedIn has a useful QR code feature which makes sharing and scanning profile links effortlessly through the app.

6. Ask relevant questions

What’s new? What categories or products are proving most popular? What kind of questions are their partners asking of them? This way you’ll discover what’s happening beyond the surface, it could be supply chain ethics or perhaps it’s about longevity or artisan craftsmanship. These are all useful signals to understand.

6. Organise your research

Set aside time after the show to sort through imagery and notes. Organise the content you have curated during the show into themes and make note of key takeaways to report back to your team.


How we create our own tradeshow calendars

Addressing the needs of buying and design teams, we meticulously curate an annual intelligence-gathering calendar which prioritises the most influential tradeshows, events and exhibitions. Aligned with the future of home living, we tailor our selection for retailers, manufacturers and brands who are uniquely focused on home, interiors, baby and kid’s sectors.

Our tradeshow calendar aims to strike a balance between innovation and commercial appeal, covering key consumer and marketplace shifts as well as the design-focused messages of colour, material, narrative, form and finish.

Where you can find us in 2024

Throughout 2024 we will be attending and presenting at a variety of influential shows around the world. Here’s a selection of our recommended tradeshows and events for your industry.

If you are working within the Home & Interiors industry

Maison & Objet

Chicago: The Inspired Home Show. Look out for our keynote with Anna Ward on day 1.

Milan Design Week

Shoppe Object


If you are working within the Baby & Kids industry

Kind und Jugend. Look out for us at the Trend Forum.

Playtime Paris

Bologna Book Fair

Brand Licensing Europe

If you can’t attend, we’ll do the hard work for you

Our series of tradeshow reports cover the world’s most influential events and highlight the key takeaways, so you won’t miss out. Our global trend experts will do the hard work for you with our comprehensive trend insight and event round-up reports for 2024, available as part of our Premium subscription My TrendBible.

Designed to inspire and spark ideas, give your teams confidence in actioning trends and provide validation from across the globe, My TrendBible is our trend subscription service dedicated to The Future of Life at Home

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