A self-development toolkit for your creative livelihood

Self-development toolkit - Trendbible

As a creative community, it’s time to stick together and this Self-Development Toolkit is my gift to you to share some ideas and tools to help you move forward.

The thread that runs universally through my life is inspiration. My day job is running a futures agency that’s in the business of inspiring others. My favourite thing to do is to have and share ideas. At Trend Bible, I am passionate about instilling a sense of self-discovery and learning in the team. In fact, one of the values we hold dear is to seek inspiration. It’s something that runs through every inch of the business, through every team member.

Where are you currently on the Pandemic Trend Curve?

Lockdown has stopped us doing so much of what was normal to us, so it seems like a natural time to reflect on whether you’re going to go forward into the world in the same way you did before. I know from your messages, that this just isn’t an option for some of you. Your lives and livelihoods have shape-shifted dramatically as a result of this pandemic and you need to be and do something new.

Whilst I can’t help you choose what you do next, or how you might emerge from this phase, I can share what I have found useful at times when I’ve come to a crossroads, or a stumbling block, or sometimes even a brick wall. What I’ve found useful is reflecting, planning, writing and finding things that help me see the joy in being inspired again. These tools and resources aren’t exclusive to a pandemic, they are tools I come back to time and again. In a sense, I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing this with you.

What’s inside the Toolkit?

  • Tools to help you work through 4 main themes; Reflect, Resilience, Hope and Rebuild.
  • Thought-starters and prompts for you to do your own thinking
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Activities and worksheets to get you articulating your thoughts, ideas and opinions
  • Resource list of talks, podcasts, books and worksheets to add depth of learning to each of the 4 themes

A Huge Thank You

Two wonderful small businesses have generously gifted their excellent workbooks to accompany this Self-Development Toolkit. Thank you to Laura Weaving and Sarah Callender at Duo Global Consulting and Sarah Raad at Simple Happy Life. And a big thanks to YOU for reaching out with all your lovely messages. Thank you to the start-ups, university lecturers, those of you who have recently lost your jobs, people who started their businesses just a few short weeks ago, those who are furloughed and soon-to-be graduates who are afraid of what the future holds. Let’s stick together.

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