Aesthetic DNA™: Do Your Products Have a Unified, Recognisable Style?

Written by trendbible

17 August 2016

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If you picked ten products from your range would they be distinctly recognisable as ‘yours’? Our Aesthetic DNA™ Workshop allows product development teams the opportunity to identify and agree what features can be shared across products to give them a unified style.

Brands commonly craft new product ranges using this mindset, but we’re currently working with manufacturers and retailers to ensure they are creating product ranges that use trends to their best advantage, whilst maintaining a consistent and ownable look. When it comes to trends, it’s not always what changes, but what stays the same that’s important.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about how to drive a distinct look across your product ranges.

For more information on responding to change while staying true to your brand handwriting read: ‘How to Know a Trend is Right for Your Brand’.

We were impressed with the quality of the individual coaching. Not obtrusive or interfering, but genuinely steering the team to target objective.

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