Autumn Winter 2020/21 Baby & Kids Trend Tracking | Spiritual Beings

Written by Justine Jackson

1 December 2020

Forecast over two years ago, our Autumn Winter 2020/21 Baby & Kids Trend, Spiritual Beings, brings a blend of cultures and beliefs to inspire a magical story for winter. A shift towards a more holistic approach to parenting sees families prioritise mental wellbeing and actively carving out time to encourage their children to dial down and reflect.

Trend Bible Baby & Kids Autumn Winter 2020/21 Trend Book

Why our Spiritual Beings trend is key for this season?

With a desire to escape modern-day life, a new wave of spiritual practises to engage with mindfulness come into play. This growing trend towards ‘spiritual but not religious’ practices begins to influence parents who are looking to cut through the conflicting bombardment of parenting advice and connect with a more instinctive approach.

This year, Google has reported an increase in searches for crystal healing and a subculture for those identifying as a modern witch is rising on platforms such as TikTok. Modern-day witchcraft and healing practises such as crystal healing, ritual bathing and meditation are providing comfort to the younger generation during a time of unrest and uncertainty.

Trend Bible Baby & Kids Autumn Winter 2020/21 Trend Book

We have been tracking the interpretation of our Baby & Kids Spiritual Beings trend worldwide. Here’s our top picks of how retailers have embraced our eclectic and magical Autumn Winter trend.

Dark and Magical Colour Palette

Retailers have captured the magic of the night through this rich and luxurious colour palette. Deep shades of midnight blue, jewel tones and shimmering gold metallics create an air of luxury across product ranges.

Next, Smallable, Anthropologie, Paperchase

Spiritual Symbols

Healing hands and the all-seeing eye are key symbols for this spiritual story. Keeping a watch over little ones, it features heavily across printed textiles, stationery and decorative accessories.

Middle Eastern and Asian Influences

Decorative patterns, inspired by a rich mix of cultures and architecture from Asia and the Middle East, feature heavily throughout this maximal story for children. Mesmerising repeat patterns are cast across walls and furnishings. Etched and engraved fittings are finished with shimmering ornate details for a premium feel.

Nobodinoz, Accessorize, Urban Outfitters, Hevea

Moons and Stars

Crescent moons and starry skies are key for this trend, inspiring plush accessories for newborn and baby, through to glistening hanging mobiles and motifs across print and pattern.

Luxury Details

Products are given decorative flourishes and flair. Silk tassels, velvet trims and gold fastenings create a luxurious finish for lighting and decorative accessories. Gold foil prints and rich velvets are upgraded with shimmering metallic threads for a sparkle in the moonlight.

Paperchase, Anthropologie, Next, Quincy Mae, Nobinoz

As the huge focus on promoting positive mental health amongst children continues, we’ll expect to see parents become more attuned to the benefits of practising mindfulness, investing time and money into the things that bring tranquility into the home.

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Overall a great day which involved getting everyone's thoughts, ideas and reservations down on paper. I am looking forward to seeing how this information will be overlaid with the vital trend insights we need to drive new product development and long-term business growth.

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