Autumn Winter 2022/23 Home & Interior Trend Books

Our Autumn Winter 2022/23 Home & Interior Trend Book is now available to purchase in digital format directly from our online shop. Our four Home & Interior trends this season are characterised by a forward-looking approach with a focus firmly on the future.

Surreal Spaces

A post-pandemic reflection fuels a sense of perspective; we can do difficult things, find joy in trying times and create change in the world. Customers are in an explorative mood, seeking out and indulging new facets of their own personality. No longer constrained to binary ideas about who they are and what their homes should look like, a more experimentative phase takes hold.

Healing in the Home

The legacy of the pandemic will be felt for some time to come, and through 2022 we’ll see a focus on healing; whether that’s through light, airy and ergonomic minimalism, or cosy, comforting colour.

Joyful Living

Looking back at new habits nurtured during lockdown; quality time spent with friends, family and neighbours, the art of slowing down, and gratitude for the small things – all become hang-overs to be treasured and protected. As the need to be seen and shared on social media begins to wane, subtler trends come to the fore.

Our trend books are a valuable forecasting tool for those working in the home and interiors industry. Detailing the broader lifestyle context through to colour and design inspiration, this practical trend book for Autumn Winter 2022/23 will guide you through the season; helping you develop commercially successful products and relevant messaging.


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