Baby and Kids Retail Trends: An Era of Escapism


Fantasy and escapist narratives come to the fore for baby and kids retail trends this season.

This season escapist themes rise in importance, providing a much-needed escape from the far-reaching social and economic impacts of 2022. The power of print becomes a key driver for baby and kids retail trends, as families turn to printed storybooks to escape reality, indulge in screen-free entertainment, and get lost in fictional worlds.

First forecast in 2020, we now explore how this escapist mindset referenced in our Baby & Kids design trend ‘Wonderment’ has been translated across retail and e-commerce.

Tracking the adoption of our baby and kids ‘Wonderment’ trend

Image: Jellymade

Whilst escapist themes influence the narrative of this story, the increasing taste for maximalist interiors and the rise of ‘Cottagecore’ aesthetics influences design. This sees a preference for ‘granny chic’ move into the nursery, inspiring a revival for dainty décor, chintzy wallpaper, lace and pattern.

What we said

TrendBible Baby & Kids Autumn Winter 2022/23 Forecast

This story takes us deep into a magical forest, where children can wander down winding paths to mossy treehouses and fairytale cottages. Slavic mythology, folktales and contemporary illustration from the old Eastern Bloc heavily inspire print, pattern and narrative, whilst ‘cottagecore’ inspired decor adds a cosy autumnal feel. Friendly and curious woodland creatures guide little ones through dark forests and unfurling flowers and foliage come alive under the light of the winter moon.

What we saw

A cosy and autumnal feel was captured at H&M Kids, with quilted, leaf-adorned textiles and Acorn-shaped storage. Also seen here were clover repeat motifs which were key to creating the ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic that was central to this story. Friendly woodland creatures were spotted at Paperchase, Primark, John Lewis and Lassig, surrounded by wild floral patterns to emphasise the enchanted forest feel.

TrendBible Baby & Kids Autumn Winter 2022/23 Retail Trends

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