Baby & Kids Design Trends for Autumn Winter 2021/22


This Autumn Winter season, our 2021/22 Baby & Kids design trends see families embrace the rapidly changing world that surrounds them; from the intersection of technology and culture to sustainable material innovation and changes in education. As our legacy for the future, children become the focus for design, with their creativity being celebrated and encouraged.

Published back in 2019, we share a preview of the season featuring one of four trends from our Autumn Winter 2021/22 forecast; Metamorphosis. The full Autumn Winter season preview report is also available for you to read when you subscribe for free membership to our new trend platform – Your TrendBible.  We’ll also be tracking these Autumn Winter Baby & Kids design trends over on Instagram as they emerge worldwide in stores and online over the coming months.

The power to change the ending

Times are changing; as climate crisis reaches breaking point, children take the future into their own hands, becoming keepers of the earth. Fighting to protect our planet, they are forced to find beauty and light within the darkness. Change is happening at pace, and the ‘metamorphosis’ of the natural world feels imminent.

An imagined forest landscape sets the scene for this dark yet whimsical winter trend. Children become the protectors of the land and live alongside newly evolved plants and unusual hybrid animals. Through the use of technology and science, our natural world continues to blossom. Mythical hybrid animal characters and curious plant species are brought to life, mimicking the natural world as we once recognised it.

TrendBible Baby & Kids Autumn Winter 2021/22 Forecast

Evolving nature

Inspired by a dystopian narrative, this dark story presents a beautiful solution, where tech and nature become one. The underlying, mystical tone of this trend inspires seeds of hope and positivity. Not all is lost as little ones navigate their way through a fragile but newly evolved natural world. Biomimicry informs organic furniture and product designs, bringing nature’s forms into the home. Darkened corners and cocoon shapes provide a sense of shelter and comfort as children adjust to a new world.

Soft and delicate illustrations of micro florals, weeds and unusual trees are paired with dark furniture items to create a cosy bedroom or nursery. Contrasts of soft and delicate with dark and sleek reflect the metamorphosis as nature and technology coincide to progress a post-apocalyptic natural world. Deep, inky blues are layered with soft greyed-off tones of pink and brown to build atmosphere in this moody yet soothing palette.

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