Baby & Kids Trend Digest: Spring Summer 2023

This season, we see families begin to optimistically plan for the future again. There is an appetite for action over apathy and a focus on building back better. Striving to create a future where humans, technology and nature can coexist harmoniously, biodiverse cities and breakthrough science inspire exciting new narratives for play, providing opportunities for experimental and curiosity-driven toys and games.

Published back in 2021, we introduce our Baby & Kids Trend Digest featuring one of four trends from our Spring Summer 2023 forecast; Ecotopia. Access the full Baby & Kids trend digest report when you subscribe to our free trend subscription service, My TrendBible.


This optimistic and progressive story sees empowered urban families step up and take responsibility for creating positive and long-lasting change within their cities. In recent times, the world has witnessed a polarisation of news cycles; from headlines dominated by the escalating levels of harmful emissions within cities to the sight of smog free skies and blossoming nature in the emptied urban streets. This stark and sudden change acts as a call to action, offering a glimpse into a better world, one in which nature and cities harmoniously coincide.

Brands must educate consumers and take part in collective action to establish cities that are better for all residents – human or otherwise.  This utopian vision harmoniously blends sleek and futuristic architecture with an abundance of air cleansing greenery, providing vast opportunities for residents to interact with and care for wildlife. This focus on the intersection of biodiversity and technology provides rich inspiration for product and design.

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Rewilding the city

Smart and savvy city kids build a brighter future for themselves and the planet in this optimistic trend story. Reconnecting with green space, open air and re-wilding their urban landscapes, little city dwellers take the future into their own hands, knowing that action is imperative.

Carving out space for biodiversity on rooftops and balconies, children plant wildflower ‘bombs’ and watch them explode into bloom to help attract bees and insects, welcoming nature into their city. Inside high-rise apartments young nature lovers care for worm farms and pet snails, marveling at their beauty as they grow. Biomes and terrariums are lovingly nurtured to protect miniature indoor gardens.

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Creating multi-sensory nature experiences becomes a key focus; scent, sound and air flow are carefully considered in our indoor spaces. Food waste and planet polluting plastics are reconsidered as a useful resource for new innovations in furniture, textiles and toys. Educating children on circular design becomes a key priority.

A colour palette firmly rooted in nature

Dominated with green, muted and earthy tones are uplifted by zesty apple and teal, adding a fresh and futuristic edge. Pastel hues of pink and blue embody the optimistic mindset of this trend, adding a revitalising tranquility to combinations. Black is introduced to the colour palette for additional impact and a crisp, graphic feel.

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