Celebrating Togetherhood: Trends for Inclusive Baby & Kids Design

Following prolonged periods of enforced indoor time and hyper-vigilance comes the need to support children who have missed out on opportunities to develop key social and practical skills. 

Within our Baby & Kids Spring Summer 2024 trend, Togetherhood (originally published in 2022) a mirror is held up to the external influences that have shaped our world dramatically over the past two years, from which there are long-lasting, lingering effects for children and families. Parents and caregivers encourage small children to step out into a post-Covid world and explore what citizenship and community mean to them while creating the space and providing the emotional support needed to adjust. 

This influences a community revival as little citizens turn their attention to supporting locals and rebuilding their neighbourhood spirit. This highlights a greater need for family-friendly public areas, social spaces and community hubs, ones that connect like-minded locals and support marginalised groups. We explore how these influences will have an impact on inclusive baby & kids design in 2024.

Diversity in design

Joyful Colour Direction 

The cheerful colour and playful graphics of the multi-sports court permeate product design. Lightweight summer knits combine colour blocking and grid checks with heavy chain stitching while simplified colour block quilting techniques and awning stripes bring a fresh feel to bedding and on-the-go textiles. 

This palette is warm and inviting, pairing architecture inspired shades alongside lively greens to illustrate a thriving town. The graphic shapes and bold lines seen in multi-sports courts offer an update to colour blocked designs, while awning stripes feel reminiscent of market stalls. 

Busy Neighbourhoods and Diverse Communities 

Rooted in positivity and community spirit, this summer story sees families rediscover and reconnect with their neighbourhood. Joy is found in the everyday. Tasks and errands become opportunities to explore and interact with the diverse community that surrounds them. 

Texturally rich surfaces, like cross-laminated timber and waste composites, are combined with vibrant painted wood and powder-coated metal. Hand-dyed net and mesh are reminiscent of vintage shopping bags, while chunky and chubby tubular shapes mimic cartoon-like pipework. This busy fusion of materials echoes the melting pot of people and activities found in the busy neighbourhood.

Pompon, Sam Stewart, Kookie Santos, Niniwanted

Are you ready to respond to the evolving ideas of community?  

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