Colour and Material Bathroom Trends for 2023

Bureau Benjamin

For 2023, the importance of creating bath and shower spaces that promote positive wellness experiences for not only body but also mind and soul will increase, as householders will be actively seeking solutions that establish a balanced mood.

2023 Bathroom trends will see consumers excited and engaged in the world around them, however, the inter and post-pandemic legacies of safety, serenity and solace will linger as increased importance of hygiene and rest are felt by all. Also important is the individual’s desire for self-expression, which manifests in an increased willingness to explore and experiment with new eco-friendly materials, fresh colour combinations and statement structural pieces. 

Focusing on our trend forecast for Home & Interiors, we outline three key bathroom trends for 2023. 

Fluted Stone Details

T&W Bathtub & Basins, @gabchipp

Bathroom design will utilise texture and prioritise form with fluted stone details. Ensure colour is kept tonal to allow rippled and ridged surfaces to become the design focus. Hugely versatile, this detail can be used from floor to ceiling, as well as creating visual interest for bath sides and panels, basins, and small decorative accessories to elevate designs. This refined opulence sees product and composition take on a more minimal mood, that is kept contemporary through the use of balanced neutrals to deliver a twist on a classic.

Confident Colour Combinations

Bathroom Trends 2023
Bureau Benjamin, Montana

For bath and shower categories, have fun creating unexpected and empowering forms, greater colour palette experimentation and create mood-lifting schemes. Some caution should be exercised when range building to ensure maximal commercial appeal, therefore look to explore accent colour application for hardware categories and developing tiling in refreshed shades – this will confidently deliver character to otherwise be simpler schemes. Although this trend is mostly associated with Gen Z and Millennial mindsets, this overall sense of expression holds appeal for consumers regardless of demographic.

Terracotta Warmth 

Bathroom Trends 2023
Sella Concept, MRTN Architects

In 2023, brands explore the natural warmth of terracotta as both a material and colour level, holding appeal to create an enveloping and welcoming sanctuary. Although potentially trickier to apply in smaller spaces, consider statement backsplashes and shower zones. Terracotta taps into an ancient handcrafted, human mood that creates an authentic design narrative. Aesthetically, homemakers will develop an appreciation of more organic and irregular pieces that focus on materiality. 

For more bathroom trend inspiration our full Bath & Shower – Trend Application reports are available when you subscribe to our Premium membership at Your TrendBible. Alternatively, for more bespoke projects talk to our consultancy team who are constantly up to date with new design developments. For more information visit our Consultancy Services page or get in touch via [email protected] 

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