Colour Direction 2022 Baby & Kids

Des Enfantillages

Trend Bible’s Colour Direction 2022 outlines six shades chosen by our colour experts, based on our seasonal trend forecasts for 2022. These directional, yet commercially viable shades represent what we believe to be central to life at home. We have split them into two groups; for Home & Interiors and Baby & Kid’s Lifestyle, with three key colours for each.

No colour works in total isolation. Our trend forecasting team have carefully selected these primary colours to work with coordinating colours. Our Baby & Kids colours embrace a broad range of categories including toys, stationery and decor to name a few. We show how versatile these colours can be when used across gender and age groups from newborn to tween.

Baby & Kids 2022 colour forecasting

Nasturtium, PANTONE® 16-1451 TCX

Left to right: Joseline Angulo, Storangen Design, Amber Anderson, Nortstudio, Ruben Riermeier, twenty_seven.

2022 sees children find joy in the everyday; embracing themselves and those around them as they are. The home is the heart of this; a place where optimism and positivity radiate and where creativity and self-expression are celebrated. Vibrant colours like Nasturtium defy conventions and amp up the energy, taking steps towards a brighter future for all.

Sunshine, PANTONE 12-0727  TCX

Left to right: Sebastian Curi, Des Enfantillages, ecoshop, Thomas Barger, Jessica Spence, Demii Whiffin.

Joyful activism, self-expression and movement set the scene in 2022. Children come together with family and friends to explore and celebrate their heritage, in order to drive positive change and create a world in which all are free to be their truest selves. The pale yellow of Sunshine provides a base for colour pop brights.

Blue Iris, PANTONE 18-3943 TCX

Left to right: Marcello Velho, Ferréol Babin, Alexander Adiels, shopknittingnellie, Alexander Adiels, 

With our world feeling like an unpredictable and confusing place to live, fantasy narratives come to the fore in 2022. As families dream of living in much simpler times, children allow their minds to wander, immersing themselves in the spirit and mythology of folktales. Nature and the magic of the forest shape fantastical and enchanting spaces to escape into.

Forecasting through a global lens

These Baby & Kids trend colours have been selected for their versatility and suitability on a global scale. All key colours work well in both sunlit and shady conditions, appealing to homeowners in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Depending on the orientation of the natural light source, each of the hues will display a variegated tone throughout the day. Each hue can be used in varying quantities in interior design projects, whether that be wall to wall colour, or simply as an accent colour for soft furnishings, home décor, furniture, print and pattern.   

The PANTONE® Reference names and/or numbers are from the PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS color system (a component of the PANTONE Textile Color System®).  The colors shown here are digital simulations, which may not match the PANTONE Color Standards.  For accurate PANTONE Color Standards, refer to the current edition of the PANTONE® FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS cotton publications.  PANTONE® and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC.  Portions © Pantone LLC, 2020. Pantone’s trademarks and copyrights used with the permission of Pantone LLC under License Agreement with Trend Bible.

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