Consumers Focus on Enjoyment

Written by trendbible

10 September 2009

Today’s consumer is going to mix work with play, even as the economy continues its slow drag on people financially and emotionally, a new global consumer trends survey discovered. While people around the world still feel pessimistic, a Mintel survey sees them discovering ways to transform their lifestyles and lighten the mood.

“At the end of last year, we knew 2009 was going to be difficult for people across the globe. But … we see that optimism has steadily balanced out stress and economic hardship,” said Harry Foster, global analyst at Mintel, in a press release.

“We see new values taking hold as people adapt to today’s tighter economy. Conservative and pragmatic are in; excess is out. Consumers feel pessimistic about the future, so they’re taking cautious steps to ensure their safety and happiness now,” said Foster.

Despite negative feelings about the economy and pressure to cut back, people still want to enjoy themselves. In work and play alike, consumers around the world continue seeking simplicity. More than two-thirds of Americans recently told Mintel they’ve been simplifying their lives over the past six months, while nearly nine in 10 think there is “too much emphasis on material things in our society.”

Manufacturers have followed suit globally, launching more products that appease people’s desire for clear functionality, clean ingredient labels and simple packaging. Restaurants, too, have caught onto this trend by offering all-inclusive meal deals that tell people exactly what they’ll get for their money.(

Over the past two years Trend Bible has repeatedly forecast trends with optimism and happiness at their core, as the home becomes a place to retreat and find comfort from financial pressures. Watch out for our Antidote story in our Autumn Winter 2010/11 forecast, and our Libertine story in our forthcoming Spring Summer 2011 book, which take inspiration from this new consumer mindset.

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Webb deVlam

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