Design trends for the home this Spring Summer 2021

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Spring Summer 2021 Home trends foster a holistic sense of wellbeing; from incorporating art and calming rituals into the everyday, through to the smart home becoming as humane and sensorial as possible.


Having spent a much higher proportion of our time at home last year, we’ll see householders gaining much more of an understanding of how the design of their home makes them feel. Colour and pattern are both tools we’ll be using to inject more joy into our daily lives.”

Naomi Pollard, Head of Home & Interiors, Trend Bible

Published back in 2019, we share a preview of the season featuring 2 of 4 trends from our Spring Summer 2021 forecast; La Belle Vie and Urban Retreat. The full Spring Summer 2021 preview is also available as a free download for you to track these trends as they emerge over the coming months.

La Belle Vie

Ease into Spring Summer 2021 with this modern, rustic story reminiscent of laidback retreats in Southern Provence.

In a world of multi-tasking and attention deficit, the art of focusing on a single act becomes precious. Adopting a more considered approach to living, householders design their homes accordingly, creating summer escapes for respite and focus. This season colour variations and imperfections are cherished as consumers continue to favour handmade finishes. Baked and faded tones radiate the warm and relaxed flair of sun soaked days.

With a growing interest in organic design, sensual lines inform everything from surfaces to product direction this season. Curvy steam bent and scalloped shapes add a gentle feel to furniture design and home decor.

Urban Retreat

A refined natural feel is evoked in this architecture inspired story for Spring Summer 2021.

As urbanisation continues across the globe, the role of cities and our place within them is being re-evaluated. Regional lockdowns and a move to home working in 2020 have accelerated this shift, leading to a demand for a better and more egalitarian quality of life in the city. A pared back and earthy colour palette contrasts with brick red, deep green and charcoal black, supporting the urban yet natural look of this trend.

New and exciting materials bring the aesthetic qualities of Brutalist architecture into the modern age with a focus on sustainability. Consumers appreciate the imperfect through natural material colouring and eco-friendly dyes. This chimes with the growing interest in living sustainably, where veganism begins to affect industries beyond food and fashion.

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