Disconnect to Reconnect

8 August 2017

Marly Gallardo

Digitally as we reach saturation point, people are viewing their time offline as a luxury and a time to be treasured. The growing conflict between the automated systems that rule our lives and the need to interact with real human beings has caused us to re-evalute our relationship with technology.

As consumers become more dependent on technology, they begin to feel more isolated and crave real human interaction. Mobile phones, tablets and computer screens become divisions and consumers are seeking ways to regain touch with the real world and other people.

Moving beyond the initial thoughts to reject technology all-together, consumers are now searching for solutions that provide a better balance between online and offline. This is not an anti-technology movement, but an evolution in the way people interact with their devices to complement their real lives rather than lead them.

Here we take a look at some of the brands and designers helping consumers disconnect to reconnect.

The Light Phone

The Light Phone

Designed to be used as little as possible, The Light Phone, uses your existing phone number and allows you to leave the burdens of your smartphone behind. Redefining what it means to be connected, the Light Phone only enables calls, removing all other functions.

Creators Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang state, “Technology should help us appreciate life more. We don’t want to buy more stuff, to be told we’re not enough by our feeds, to be tracked or reduced to some data point. We are not anti-technology, we are humans and we’re taking our lives back.”

AppDetox and Quality Time 

Left to right: AppDetox, Quality Time

Apps such as App Detox and Quality Time give you insight into your phone checking habits and concentrate on making you aware of how much you use your phone. You can set personalised alerts and limit specific apps to reduce usage.

As the growing desire to reconnect develops among consumers, brands need to take a more human approach. There is an opportunity to find a balance when creating technology that gives control back to the consumer without adding to the digital noise.

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