Festive Forecast 2020: Trend Tracking Midnight Magic

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Midnight Magic a seasonal forecast published two years ago in our Festive Forecast 2020 trend book, is a whimsical winter story for all the family as parents and children alike share in the magic of classic fantasy tales and childhood nostalgia. Against the uncertain backdrop of 2020, nostalgia becomes a very powerful motivator for householders celebrating this festive period.

Why our Midnight Magic seasonal forecast is such a relevant trend this festive season

During this time of unrest and uncertainty, Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for parents or caregivers to share the magic of their own childhood with their children. As families are told to stay at home this season, more time will be spent on seeking out magical experiences and whimsical festive activities, reminding children and adults of the joy and wonder that is all around them.

Our Midnight Magic seasonal forecast was developed with the intention of being a very sure-footed commercial trend which would integrate with ease and inject smaller elements of newness into existing ranges. During a prolonged period of unrest, it has provided a safe commercial option which has been widely embraced by retailers and brands as part of their festive product ranges this season.

Here’s a look at how this nostalgic and magical trend from our Festive Trend Forecast 2020 has been interpreted instore and online.

 Gentle and sophisticated colour palette

Chalky tones of navy and powder blue, soft pinks and dove greys combine with silver and gold to create a gentle, sophisticated look inspired by starry nights and candlelit winter evenings. Crackled glazes adorn tree decorations and glassware, bringing a soft twinkle and elegance to the Christmas table.

A Scattering of Stars

Decorations and lighting are reminiscent of the night sky. The simple star motif is a classic that continues to shine this winter, bringing magic to other celebrations throughout the year too. Starbursts and trails in varying sizes illuminate, scatter and dust across garlands and wreaths, decorative accessories and table decor.

Never too old for magic

Re-living the magic of classic childhood literature, fantastical narratives inspire crown and wing shapes for decoration and bring fantasy and adventure for all ages.

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