Future Insight Reports 2019

Written by trendbible

17 January 2018

Our Future Insight Reports forecast what will be influencing consumer behaviour 12-18 months ahead, making sense of the key shifts in attitudes and behaviours. These reports are an essential tool for making sound product development and marketing decisions.

Each report includes unique case studies and provides expert advice on how key business disciplines, including marketing, strategy and product design, should respond to the trends.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors and find out what will be influencing householders in 2019 and beyond in our four reports below.

Blurred Spaces 2019 | Redefining the Lines Between Social and Private

Trend Bible Blurred Spaces 2019

Providing a start point for innovation, Blurred Spaces 2019 explores the ways that householders will find and protect privacy in their home as well as the impact of online socialising on the way we design our homes. For a full description click here.

Cramped Living 2019 | Learning to Live Well in Smaller Homes

Trend Bible Cramped Living 2019 

Due to a space and housing shortage, new homes in Europe are being built much smaller whilst in the USA a ‘tiny home movement’ is much more of a lifestyle choice. Cramped Living 2019, focuses on the detail of small living, outlining the challenges families face when living in smaller homes. We identify opportunities for brands to tap into emerging needs and ultimately help homeowners live well within small, shared spaces. For a full description click here.

Generation YouTube 2019 | How to Connect, Engage and Inspire Digital Children

Trend Bible Generation YouTube 2019 

Generation YouTube is a response to parents wanting to know how to prepare their children for the jobs of the future. For children in 2019, building a strong set of critical and analytical skills, shaping a strong sense of identity and learning to take control are high on their agenda. This report explores childrens’ abilities, needs, desires and morals helping your brand find the correct tools and advice to connect, engage and inspire the younger generation. For a full description click here.

Free To Be Me 2019 | Why Brands Need to Bridge the Gender Divide

Trend Bible Free To Be Me 2019 

When it comes to gender stereotyping, the role brands play in shaping future generations has particular importance. With many forward thinking startups using a gender neutral stance to engage the modern parent, large corporate brands run the risk of being sidelined. Free To Be Me 2019 is not an attempt to ban pink and blue, instead it is about reconsidering the language and stigma that sits alongside these cultural signifiers. To help become a more open minded and inclusive society, brands and retailers have a responsibility to remove confusion and educate parents of the damaging effects of stereotyping in later life. For a full description click here.

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We send the bespoke trend reports out to different departments in our organisation from product development to digital and customer teams. The report acts as internal inspiration that everyone can read and get something from. The feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive.


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