Garden Trends: Leveraging the New Living Space

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A combination of increasingly warmer weather, the need for socialising outdoors and national lockdowns, have led to consumers spending more time and money than ever before on their gardens and outdoor spaces. Many householders are seeking to create that holiday feeling at home and are enhancing their outdoor spaces with the latest must-haves like hot tubs, fire pits and swing seats. But what’s next for garden trends and how can we expect this behaviour to evolve? 

Elevated outdoor spaces and zoning

There is an increasing interest in DIY and decor generally, which has been accelerated by the pandemic and people spending more time at home. But in 2021 and beyond, expect to see more elevated outdoor spaces emerging; think sleek, refined and sophisticated outdoor rooms, which flow from indoor to outdoor with some continuity. Householders will seek to create more considered planting schemes in raised and rendered beds which will add a professional feel to their garden. Lighting will be carefully planned to illuminate the architectural features of the garden at night, and seating areas will be more built-in and permanent fixtures.

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Just as broken-plan living has picked up pace inside our homes, this will also be a key behaviour for garden trends in the future. With outdoor space at a premium, consumers will look to make the most of every square foot they own, dividing it up into zones intended for different activities such as cooking and dining, exercise and meditation, or simply reading and relaxing.


Garden Trends | TrendBible
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As consumers become more aware of the benefits of outdoor spaces on their mental wellbeing, we’re seeing an increasing need to access the outdoors all year round. Expect to see a winter-proofing of garden structures that were originally built to enjoy summer weather. DIY projects will include installing rain-proof roofing on pergolas, turning summer houses into cosy snugs with blankets and stoves, or digging down to create sunken and windproof seating areas around fire pits. These activities will help householders to maximise the use of these features in the colder months too. Autumn and winter planting will also be reimagined, as gardeners seek to create all year round colour and texture with evergreen shrubs, grasses and perennial plants.

Urban gardening

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For those with little or no outdoor space, internal atriums and stairwell gardens will be a consideration, making a feature of an ugly side return, a sunless wall or a light-flooded staircase.

Find out more about emerging decor behaviours and how to leverage this growing market by contacting our bespoke consultancy team, who can inform your business on the specific colours schemes, materials and finishes which will be key for future garden trends. Drop us a line at [email protected] or visit our consultancy page for more information.

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