Home & Interiors Trend Digest: Autumn Winter 2023/24


This season, the demand for a better reality for all underpins life at home, blending ethics with environmentalism to create an allclusive approach where everyone is empowered. Self-expression is a key cornerstone of this cultural shift, as society interrogates stereotypes, taboos and amplifies under-represented voices. This begins to influence how we express ourselves at home.

Published back in 2021, we introduce our Home & Interiors Trend Digest featuring one of four trends from our Autumn Winter 2023/24 seasonal trend forecast; Lust for Life. Access the full Home & Interiors trend digest report when you subscribe to our free membership to our trend subscription service, My TrendBible.

Lust for Life

For Autumn Winter 2023/24, more consumers are actively challenging systems that no longer align with the reality of their experiences. Simultaneously, the need to debunk stereotypes and amplify underrepresented voices prevails.

As a result, the LGBTQIA+ voice is getting louder. Consumers are swapping gendered, non-accessible and outdated brands for disrupters who better align with their mindsets and needs. 

Consumers are taking the opportunity to be much more vocal and individualistic in their beliefs, their expression of self and their style. This prompts more direct conversations about sex, bodies and what makes us different.

Unapologetic Colour Pairings

Unapologetic off-kilter pairings add strength to this proudly sensuous, empowering trend for all. Boldly mixing pinks and purple from soft and warm to cool and ultra-bright is key to ungendering traditions. Lemon sorbet and curried yellow, add an unexpected edge to this joyful tonal palette. Set an eye-popping statement with a generous shot of vibrant red.

Fun and Sensuous Home Decor

There is a primal energy in this story that embraces a lust for life and making the most of every moment. To capture this spirit householders look towards fun and sensuous home decor. With a focus on anti-homogeneous and anti-perfect, we see a move towards novelty and playful homeware that is purely joyful and unapologetic.

Messaging and typography drop the labels by advocating choice and creative freedom. Centered around the modern female and non-binary empowerment and energy, use phrases like; ‘all bods are good bods’ and ‘you deserve to have it all’. There is a rejection of a one-size-fits-all approach and a focus on allclusive design and lifestyles. More is more in this hedonistic trend and confident shapes and colours are key.

Smith and Goat, TrendBible, Eva Zurita

This Trend Digest provides a succinct summary of our Home & Interiors Autumn Winter 2023/24 seasonal forecast which was published 2 years ahead of this season in 2021. In the coming months, our Trend Editors will be identifying how these trends are adopted across all market levels, from early adopters through to mass market application. Working further ahead? Visit the Trend Store to browse our full range of home and interior seasonal forecasts.

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